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But she had sprung off the sofa and scrambled for the doors.

He caught her and they tumbled to the ground. She clawed and hit at him, dealing a fairly decent blow to the side of his head before he could grab her wrists and pin them to the floor.

"How unkind of you, madam. You would take pleasure but provide none in return?"

She paused briefly but resumed her resistance. Once again, her struggles only fueled the lust inside him. He had thought to prevail in his seduction, and was surprised his skills had not brought about her complete surrender. She did not understand that his cock was the superior fit for her cunnie, and that she would enjoy it much more than she had his fingers. He would show her how superb it would feel.

"You will find a more amenable woman," she protested, "one who can satisfy you better."

Recalling how easily she had dismissed herself earlier, he held her gaze in his and said, "It is you I want."

Her eyes lit up yet she continued to waver. "But…"

"Is this not what you had sought in coming here?"

She whimpered, her indecision arousing his earlier turmoil. He had a right to claim her, and his cock would be satisfied with nothing less. He wanted to show her that she was desirable. He was also cross with her for being so easily seduced by a stranger, for seeking to commit adultery. With his knee, he nudged her legs apart. He released one hand to pull up her skirts. She took the opportunity to strike at him and nearly knocked his mask off.

Stifling an oath, he flipped her onto her stomach and held her down by putting a knee to her lower back. He untied his cravat and used it to bind her wrists behind her.

"You brute!" she cried, flailing with the desperation of a fish out of water.

"You came seeking debauchery in the form of criminal congress," he reminded her. "I am merely fulfilling your intentions."

He threw her skirts over her waist, revealing plump and unblemished buttocks. If he had more patience, he would've stopped to admire them more, but his cock would wait no longer. More swiftly than he’d intended, he sank his length into her.

She gave a long cry but lay still, allowing him to savor the glory of her cunnie. He thought she would take to screaming, and he would have reconsidered his actions if she did. Instead, she whimpered.

He reached a hand around her hip, past the voluminous skirts bunched about her waist, and nestled it at her groin. His fingers found her clitoris. Her moan was long and low.

With his hand beneath her, theirs was no easy position, but he fondled her to the best of his ability. And when he had sheathed his entire cock inside her paradise, it seemed she gave a welcoming groan. He did not fault her for succumbing. There was little she could do, and a part of her must find it flattering that a man desired her enough to ravish her.

The wet heat surrounding him was irresistible, and he began a gradual thrusting. She squirmed, and he shoved deeper to keep her in place. He intensified his fondling of her clitoris.

“Oh my,” she murmured.

With Trudie, it was not unlike having congress with a virgin. Her cunnie was deliciously tight, and he was satisfied that it was so because no other man had spread her legs before. He was now steadily pumping in and out of her, his pelvis slapping against her rounded rump. She grunted between uneven breaths and muttered unintelligibly. It was undoubtedly an uncomfortable position for her, being pressed into the hard floor with her arms pinioned behind her and her legs spread. But this was nothing compared to what the women at Chateau Follet were accustomed to enduring. Nevertheless, Leopold silently promised her a gentler coupling next time.

“I grant you permission to spend,” he said.

Her grunts became cries. A few minutes later, her cries culminated in a wail, and her body fell into that familiar paroxysm. She shuddered beneath him, and it was enough to send him over the edge to join her in carnal rapture. His cock erupted, draining the tension that had built in his cods and groin. Delicious shivers racked his body as he spent more violently than he could remember. With a roar, he bucked and trembled against her till he had emptied the last of his seed into her.

When the explosion had settled into a hum in his body, he slid out of her and collapsed beside her to catch his breath. He closed his eyes, still in amazement at the splendor of it all.

Realizing her hands were still tied, he propped himself up and undid her bonds. She rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. He took a hand and kissed it. "I pray you spent well?"

She said nothing at first, and he worried that he had been too rough with her.

"I did…thank you," she said at last.

Relieved, he lay down and looked up at the ceiling with her. Various emotions still warred within him, but he came to a decision.

He would stay a while at Chateau Follet after all.