The Earl She Despised (London Season Matchmaker 3)

author:Lucy Adams Genre:historical|romance Last update time:2022/7/22 11:44:45

Lord Weston has never had a lady turn him away, but there’s a first time for everything… Miss Merry Wells cares nothing for gentlemen, for they are proud and look only at a lady’s outward appearance. Thus convinced, she chooses to keep to the shadows and dress plainly…until her mother forces her to wear a delicate gown and have her hair dressed for a ball. Lord Weston is an arrogant rogue who rarely gets turned down by anyone. That is, until Merry Wells comes along. She refuses to give him the time of day, and he finds it most infuriating. His friends, however, find it amusing. They propose a wager that Lord Weston must manage to convince Miss Merry Wells to permit his court. And he foolishly agrees. If he loses, he stands to lose a great deal of money. Through it all, Lord Weston just may find that he wishes to shed his roguish ways. But once Merry discovers the humiliating truth, will it be too late?