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Behind the Ties (Home in Carson 5) Renee Harless 2022/7/22 11:49:29

“The sheriff escorted one of them to the FBI headquarters. The other three succumbed to the injuries from an unfortunate accident.”

Cliff made sure those who had shot his wife never saw the light of day.

“Is Alexis okay? What about Trisha? I think I remember one of them coming from the clinic door. Is that right?”

Beau nodded and explained that Alexis had been wearing a thin Kevlar vest, which protected her from any injuries, but it had knocked the wind out of her at the time.? “The man that shot Trisha got her in the shoulder. It went through and through. They’re both more concerned about you.”

Savannah closed her eyes and rested back against the bed, yawning, though he could tell she tried to fight against it. “I don’t know why. I wasn’t the one shot at.”

“Because not only were you drugged and almost died, you’re their friend. The entire town has been here. Your grandfather just stepped out to get some food. He’s going to be thrilled that you’re awake.”

“The entire town came?” she asked, her drowsy voice filled with slurs as she fought against sleep.

“They did. You’re important to them and you’re important to me,” he told her as the doctor and nurse exited the room.

“You really are, sweetheart. I love you.” Beau clasped her hand in his again, pressing his lips against the knuckles. “You’re the person I’ve been waiting to meet. You’re the home that I wanted to find. I’ll go anywhere you want to go, whether that be Baltimore or any big city on the map. I just want to be with you.”

Tears dripped from the corner of Tate’s eyes as she looked at him. He would have been concerned if she wasn’t wearing the biggest grin he’d ever seen.

“I love you too, Beau. You were what I thought about when they took me; how I didn’t have enough time with you. I don’t know where I’ll end up, but I'm home if I’m with you.”

Beau gently placed his hand on the side of her head, his fingers sliding in the blonde strands the nurse had washed that morning. He leaned forward and captured her lips in a kiss he’d waited an entire week to feel. It was new and different but familiar at the same time. Love had been the change.

Love made them realize that home could be anywhere and all you needed was the person that filled your heart.

For so long, Beau felt like he was tied to Carson because of duty, but now he realized that this was where he was meant to be all along.