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Behind the Ties (Home in Carson 5) Renee Harless 2022/7/22 11:49:30

Beau stood patiently at the end of the aisle. He couldn’t believe the moment was finally here. It had been pushed back enough times that he was worried the wedding would never happen.

Scanning over the crowd, he smiled at the Connelly family members scattered throughout. His mother and her husband sat close to the altar. Hugh sat on the opposite side and kept tugging at the collar of his suit.

Finally, his eyes landed on Savannah. She looked beautiful in the light pink gown Cassidy had made for her. When they were getting ready that morning, it took all of his self-control to keep from tearing it off her body for the third time. The first two couldn’t be helped.

They hadn’t been staying together since her grandfather returned to Carson. They tried to spend as much time together during the day that they could. He never pressed his luck with staying over, though she’s had a few slumber parties at his apartment. They didn’t want to push their luck with her grandfather. He was pissed off already when he came home to the large mattress on her bedroom floor.

Across from him at the altar, Noah coughed and fidgeted with his fingers. He was used to wearing a tuxedo, but Beau could see that he still wasn’t as comfortable wearing the penguin suit as he was in his racing gear.

Beau preferred his coveralls.

The music changed and the church doors opened. Beau’s breath caught as Tate began her descent down the aisle. She didn’t look like the tomboy he remembered at thirteen. She looked like a beautiful woman about to confess to all of the church, and her friends and family, how much she loved Noah.

They’d put the wedding off another month for Savannah to heal, then Tate had been in a minor racing accident, causing them to postpone again. But nothing would keep the two of them from tying the knot.

The silk of Tate’s dress sashayed between her legs as she walked and Beau had to fight back a smile. The woman was wearing heels, something she despised.

As she reached the end, she took Noah’s hand and they turned toward each other while the priest began the ceremony. Beau held Tate’s flowers and he was damn proud of that.

They spoke their vows of love and devotion, and Beau made sure to lock eyes with Savannah. He hoped to share those same words with her one day.

In the last month, they finally had agreed to continue living in Carson. After her accident, they both changed their hearts regarding small-town life. They’d both been jaded for different reasons. Having each other in their lives changed their perspective.

Her grandfather was ready to retire and, though he hadn’t officially said anything to Savannah, it was clear he wanted her to take over the clinic. She worked there every day and the staff treated her as if she was not only their boss but their friend too.

Savannah wasn’t ready to move on to the next step in their relationship, but Beau hoped he could convince her to move in together. When he asked her that morning after showing her with his tongue how great of a decision it would be, Savannah confessed that she needed to think it over.

With Austin Connelly's help, Beau found the perfect house in an older neighborhood. It was an older Colonial style, but the minute it came across the website, he knew that was the house for him and Savannah. It helped that the property was only a couple of minutes from Tate.

He may have to share her with Noah, but she was still one of his best friends.

Before his eyes, Tate and Noah said their “I do’s,” then paraded down the aisle as husband and wife. He and Brooks, who had been standing in as Noah’s best man, made their way down the aisle arm and arm. Sure it wasn’t traditional to have a man of honor, but Beau would have done anything Tate had asked of him for her big day. Even wear a suit.

There were other benefits to the attire too. Especially when Savannah’s eyes lit up as he passed, she had a thing for him in a tux.

Dancing was already in full swing by the time he and Savannah made it to the reception hall. They needed to make a pit stop and check on Belle. That was what they told everyone, at least. In reality, they never made it out of the small school building behind the church.

And as they walked into the pavilion decorated in a mix of string lights and flowers, he noted that a few other couples were just now making their appearances.

“Let’s dance,” Beau said as a slower melody began to play through the speakers. Savannah grasped his hand as they walked toward the dance floor in the middle of the pavilion. Tables and chairs were set up around the perimeter and the food was set to be served at sunset.

“You look beautiful.” Beau spun Savannah outward and then tugged her hand to bring her closer.

“You do too. Well, handsome, I mean.”

Her free hand pressed against his chest as he wrapped his arm around her waist. They began to sway with the music and he sent a silent thanks to his mother for teaching him how to dance when he was younger.

Savannah gazed up at him with a twinkle in her eye, that mischievous look she got when she had a secret or something funny to say.

“You know, it would be kind of sweet to dance with you in our own kitchen someday. I remember my grandparents did that.”

“My mom and dad did too. Always when they were cooking.”

“I don’t think your apartment is big enough for dancing,” she said, the corners of her eyes tilting up as she smiled. “We should probably look for something bigger.”

“What are you saying, baby?” Beau was hopeful, but he wanted her to be clear about what she was implying. No reason to get his hopes up.

“I want to move in with you. If the offer still stands.”

“Fuck yes!” he shouted, causing the couples next to them to turn in their direction, but Beau didn’t care. He quickly leaned down and kissed her like there was no tomorrow.

He didn’t want to pull back, but if they didn’t, things were going to get indecent real quick. Luckily, Savannah did the work for him and drew her lips away.

She rested her head against his shoulder and he thought about all the changes that had happened in his life in the last few months. The good, the bad, and the ugly, but he wouldn’t change any of it.

All because a dog found him when he’d been lost. Now he knew exactly where he belonged.