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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:44

Soon they had seen everything and were back at the entrance-exit. “Time to go,” he said, “I want to get back to the room so you have time for a nap and to freshen up before the club opens this evening. And I have a punishment to administer.”

Great, she was hoping he had forgotten about that. She had.

In the truck, he again lifted the dress so she was sitting bare on the seat, and indicated she was to spread her legs. She spread them as wide as he had before and this time it meant approval. Good, maybe he would go easy on her punishment.

Soon they were at the club and back in the room. “Okay, strip,” he said. Not too much effort there. All she was wearing was the dress and shoes. Over her head went the dress, and she slipped off the shoes. “Now,” he said, “in the bedroom and over the bed, punishment pose. Let’s get this over with.”

In the bedroom she went, with him following her. While she was getting into position, he went into the closet for something. He came around to the side of the bed where she could see and was holding what looked like a purple ping-pong paddle.

“From now on, whenever you need punishment I will use this. My hand will only be used for erotic spankings, not for punishment. Maybe you will try harder. Now, tell me why you need to be punished,” he said.

“Well, because I didn’t want to spread my legs and be exposed in the truck,” she answered.

“Partially right. And because I had to tell you so many times. In the future, I will expect you to do what I ask with no hesitation.” He stated. “Five swats. Again, you do not need to count, but when I am finished you will thank me. And I will add swats if you do not address me correctly. And Jenna…”

“No coming without permission.”

And she thought his hand hurt. Five of these, she wouldn’t sit for a week. The tears were already starting and she had four more to go. And as for the coming thing, no problem.

Jenna felt his hand gently smoothing the spot he had

just hit, rubbing the pain away. He slipped his hand between her legs and rubbed her clit.

Whap! He smacked again, then his finger went back to her clit. This time, he added a finger to her pussy hole, stroking in and out while his thumb rubbed her clit. She felt so confused. The smack from the paddle hurt, but what he did after to her pussy felt so good. She didn’t know whether to cry or come.

Whap! It came again, then back to her pussy this time. Two fingers entered her and more pressure to her clit. “No fair,” she muttered.

“No fair, what, baby?” He sounded amused.

“How am I supposed to keep from coming when you are doing that to me, Sir?” she asked.

Whap! Good thing she wasn’t counting. Between what he was doing to her pussy and the smacks on her ass, her mind was overloaded with sensation and she couldn’t think. Jenna had tears running down her face, but she also wanted to come.

“Keep trying, I know you can do it.” He was almost laughing now.

Whap! He had been alternating between cheeks, but this one hit right between her legs and caught both her pussy lips and her clit, and she came, and came hard. Harder than she ever had. His hand was back in her pussy, three fingers inside, and his thumb was rubbing her clit furiously. She kept coming, harder and longer than she had ever come before. She didn’t think she was ever going to stop. He kept rubbing her clit and fucking his fingers in and out of her. The peak was never going to crest. She was going to die from this one orgasm. It was never going to stop.

Finally, he pulled his fingers out and stopped the rubbing motion, leaving his hand cupped over her pussy, just holding and soothing her. He gently sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her into his lap. She was crying and panting and couldn’t think.

“Jenna, did you forget something?” he asked.

Huh? Yeah she forgot how to breathe, her heart forgot to beat and she couldn’t think. She forgot lots of things. However, she didn’t think he was talking about any of those. “What?” she managed to breathe out.

“Jenna, you were to thank me, and I told you not to come.” Was he serious?

“Thank you, Sir,” she managed.

“What exactly is it you are thanking me for, baby?”

“The best orgasm of my life, Sir,” she answered honestly.

“You’re welcome for that, but what else were you supposed to thank me for?”

“Oh, umm, thank you for the paddling, Sir.” Not that she really wanted to thank him for that. But that orgasm. Wonder what he was going to do about that, since she wasn’t supposed to come?