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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:45

Still holding her in his lap, his hand was playing with her breast, rubbing and pulling the nipple, getting her hot again. She could feel his erection growing underneath her.

He reached down and kissed her, parting her lips and playing with her tongue. “I won’t punish you for coming this time. You will learn to obey me in this. But now you have me so hot. My turn.” As he said this, he turned and laid her, facedown, on the bed, lifting her ass until she was on her knees with her chest and head lying flat on the bed.

“This will be quick and hard. I am so ready for you, baby,” he said as he took off his clothes.

She heard a wrapper tearing and felt him on the bed behind her. He parted her legs more and slammed into her. Hard and fast was right. He pistoned in and out like a jackhammer. All she could do was lay there and take it. With one hand, he reached around and rubbed her clit, pinching and pulling it like he did her nipples. She felt the wave begin again, and she knew she was going to come again.

Although it didn’t seem possible, he slammed into her harder and faster. “Now Jenna, come now!” As he said this, he pinched her clit hard and off she went, spiraling higher and higher.

They both dropped to the bed, too exhausted to move, and lay there panting. He rolled over, still inside her. He pulled her close and they just lay there, breathing hard.

“My God, Jenna, I’ve never felt anything like that before. You are amazing. I won’t ever get enough of you. I don’t think I can ever let you go.”

She was still so out of it that his words hardly registered. I’ll deal with this later, she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

Kyle lay there, watching Jenna sleep and thinking. He should get up and clean them off, but he wanted to stay right where he was, inside his woman and beside her. I’ll just close my eyes for a minute and enjoy this, then I’ll get up and take care of her. Those were his last thoughts as he also drifted off to sleep.

Kyle woke sometime later, still inside Jenna. Ugh, he thought, I could have at least gotten rid of the condom. He gently removed himself, not wanting to wake her, and went to the bathroom to take care of the necessities. Standing in the bathroom, he decided to run a bath for Jenna. They had plenty of time before the club opened and a nice, warm soak would help loosen her muscles and relieve any lingering soreness.

As the tub filled, he thought about the future and where he wanted it to go. I should tell her more about myself, he thought. She may not want to be involved with someone like him.

Kyle had gone into private security after the Air Force. He was one of the top bodyguards in the country. Kevin Costner had nothing on him. He had helped everyone from rock stars to political candidates, sometimes at great risk to himself and those around him. There had been threats made to his friends, brothers and father. Not an easy life for anyone. Did he want to expose Jenna to his life? Would she want to be involved? Time enough to think about that later. The tub was ready.

Time to wake Jenna and get her ready for tonight. Turning off the tub, Kyle went into the bedroom and sat on the bedside. He looked at Jenna for several long seconds, just watching her sleep. So beautiful, he thought. She will be mine! He leaned down and brushed the hair out of her face, then, lightly brushing her lips with his, he said, “Time to wake up, beautiful baby, I have a bath ready for you. Let’s get you up.”

He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the tub, gently sitting her in it. Not fully awake yet, Jenna looked up at Kyle and smiled. “Oh, baby, how beautiful you are.” He smiled. “I’ll leave you alone to soak and be back in a few minutes.”

Partially closing the door, he left her. Alone with her thoughts, Jenna replayed the weekend so far in her head. The sex had been wonderful, nothing like she had ever experienced before. And the time with Kyle was great. She was learning more about him and liking what she learned. Why would a guy like him want to be with a girl like me? she thought. Knowing that she was setting herself up for a world of hurt, Jenna decided to just go with the flow and ride it out. It may not be a long ride, but it will be fun, she thought.

Kyle came back into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub. “Here, let me wash you,” he said and, reaching into the water, he grabbed the cloth and proceeded to do just that, with the same efficiency a mother would wash her two-year-old. When he had washed her completely and thoroughly, he lifted her up and out of the tub.

Feeling a little disappointed, Jenna let him dry her off. “What was that thought, baby?” he asked.

Damn, the man could read her mind. ‘I just thought we might play again, Sir,” she said shyly.

“Oh, baby, we will play later. Now dinner is here and I want to eat while it is warm, then I want to go to the club. Here, put this robe on and after we eat, I’ll show you what I want you to wear.” He smiled.

Dinner was wonderful, steaks, baked potato and salad. Everything was cooked perfectly. A nice white wine and chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. Stuffed full with good food and relaxed from several glasses of wine, Jenna was content.

“Okay, up we go, time to get dressed and go to the club.” He helped her out of her chair and led her to the bedroom. Sometime, she hadn’t noticed when, maybe while she was in the tub, he had laid out an aqua slip-dress on the bed. “Put this and only this on and meet me in the living room,” he said.

Jenna put the dress on and it barely covered her ass. Very low-cut i

n the front, but at least it had a back. She would not be bending over tonight, or the girls would fall out and China would be on display. Having brought no makeup except lip-gloss with her, she applied a light coat, ran a brush through her hair, and was ready to go.

“Beautiful,” breathed Kyle as she entered the room. He had changed into black leather pants and a white shirt. The shirt had only two buttons done and his sleeves were rolled to his elbows. A yummy package and, for now, hers.

“I want you to wear this collar while we are in the club,” he said. “It will tell other Doms that you are taken and indicate you are mine.” He took a long, black box from his picket and opened it, displaying the contents to her. Inside the box was a twisted gold chain with a padlock on one side and a small heart on the other. He showed her the inscription on the heart. One side said, “My Baby,” and the other side said, “Master Kyle.”

“I hope one day you will wear this permanently for me, but I know this is too soon for both of us,” he said, fastening it around her neck. Locking the padlock, he put the key on a chain around his neck, and said, “Now you will be safe.”

She wondered if he kept the collar for all his subs, or if he had gotten it just for her. Not sure she wanted to know if it was something someone else had worn, she didn’t ask, keeping her question to herself. Maybe someday she would have the confidence to ask him.

He grabbed her hand and led her out the door to the club. They walked up to the bar and he ordered himself a beer and her a water. “You’ve had enough wine for now. I want you sober and aware of your surroundings.” Then talking to the bartender, he said, “Craig, this is my baby, Jenna. Jenna, say hi to Craig. We were in the force together and I’ve known him a long time.”

“Hi,” she said shyly.