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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:46

“Agreed,” said Dave and Kyle in unison.

“I have calls out to the security teams of both clubs to verify the validity of the recommendations, but have not heard back yet. I have a feeling that the recommendations are bogus, and will apprise you when I hear back,” Evan said. “I have printed out pictures of the two missing men and will circulate them discretely in the community to see if we can find them, but unless they show themselves, I don’t really expect to have much luck.”

“What do you propose we do with the six we have in the dungeon?” Kyle asked.

“Well, there are several things I would like to do, however the safest and most legal option would be to let them go and ban them from all the clubs in our network as neither of the girls want to press charges. Unless one of them will press charges, the police are powerless, and if the girls do press charges, it means a trail and publicity, and I don’t think any of us want that. We have some respected members of the community who come here and do not want that made public. Not that any of them would condone what happened, but I believe everyone would like as much privacy as we can provide, including the girls. Once the word spreads in the community about what they pulled, they will not be allowed in any respectable club in the country. I also suggest posting their pictures online with a warning to everyone who sees them about who they are and what they are doing,” stated Evan.

“Good idea, Evan,” said Dave. “By posting their names and pictures online, anyone who Googles them will see who they are and what they have done.”

“I agree,” said Kyle. “We want to everything we can to make sure they don’t do this to anyone ever again. Do you have any suggestions, Dean?”

“No, I like the ideas Evan came up with and will be instituting some of them in our club. I suggest we contact everyone in our network and apprise them of the situation and what measures we are taking and recommend that these be standard in all the clubs in our network. Connie, love, do you have any suggestions?”

“No, Sir,” Connie said quietly, and moved into Dean’s lap, wanting closer contact, obviously upset by the evening’s events. Dean wrapped her in his arms, trying to give her comfort. Dean and Connie were not permanent, yet. Dean planned on doing something about that soon.

“Well, then,” Kyle said, “since no one has anything further, I suggest we all call it a night and take care of our women.”

Connie stood and walked over to Rachel. “I’ll leave my number with Craig and you call me if you need anything, or just to talk. I’d like to get to know you better, and I am so sorry this happened to you.” Reaching down, she gave her a hug and walked over to Jenna, saying basically the same thing and also hugging the woman. She then went back to Dean and stood in the circle of his arms, and he quietly walked her out the door.

“Kyle, Craig, if there is anything Evan or I can do, please call us. You can’t believe how upset we are and we will do everything we can to make sure this never happens again. Rachel, Jenna, I am so sorry. Please believe we will do everything we can to protect you and all other subs in the future. This should have never happened and you can’t believe how sorry we are that you girls paid the price for our negligence. We will never be able to make it up to either of you,” Dave said. His heartfelt words touched Jenna’s heart and she started crying again.

“Shhh. Shhh, baby, it’s okay,” Kyle whispered as the two men and Craig and Rachel left the room. What a fucked up night, he thought to himself. After tonight, Jenna will probably never want anything to do with the club, let alone him, again. How will he ever make it up to her? How can she ever trust him or feel safe with him? Some bodyguard he was, he couldn’t even protect his woman in his club.

As if she could read his thoughts, Jenna said quietly, “None of this was your fault. You did everything you could to keep me and Rachel safe. You were not the one responsible for letting those men into the club and now you are doing everything you can to correct the situation and make sure it never happens again.”

Kyle couldn’t believe this woman. After all she had been through, to worry about him and his feelings was amazing. Jenna was definitely the one he had been looking for all his life. What he had done to deserve her, he had no idea. Now, to convince her of it and not fuck it up in the process. God, if you grant me this gift, I will spend the rest of my life worshiping her, he prayed and he was not a man who prayed often.

“Baby,” he said quietly, “do you want another whiskey, or should we just go to bed?”

“I think I’ve had enough, I’m very tired, let’s just go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and I want today over and done with,” Jenna answered him.

Standing, Kyle carried her into the bedroom. “Do you need to go the bathroom,” he asked?

“Yes,” she answered, and started to walk in that direction. “I’ll carry you,” he said.

“No, I can walk.” But she stumbled as she spoke, unsteady on her feet from the whiskey and events of the night.

Kyle lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom. Setting her back on her feet, he closed the door and stood outside it to give her a few minutes of privacy. If she ever agreed to be his, he was never letting her go, he vowed.

When she signaled she was done, he again lifted her and took her to the bed. Pulling back the covers, while holding her with one hand, he then laid her in the bed.

“Do you want me to sleep on the couch?” he asked, scared of her answer.

“You don’t want to be with me?” she cried, afraid that he didn’t want her since she had been tainted by that other man.

“Oh, baby, that’s not it, of course I want to be with you. I just thought you might not want me in here tonight,” he whispered.

“Please don’t leave me alone. Please make love with me. I want to feel your hands on me. I want you to erase the feel of that man and what he did, what he wanted to do. Please, just hold me and love me,” she cried pitifully.

“Jenna, if I could, I would never let you go. I don’t want to ever see you hurt again and will do anything to prevent that,” he said passionately.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he took the blanket, folded it, and placed it on the foot of the bed. “T-shirt on or off?” he asked.

He gently lifted the shirt over her head, cringing at the marks already showing on her breasts. He laid on the bed beside her, spooning her back to his front. “Are you sore, can I touch you?” he asked, afraid of hurting her more than she had been that evening.

“Please,” she breathed. “Please make love to me,” she said, rolling in his arms so that she was facing him.