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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:46

Following Jenna, Paul and Jim just decided to take the bitch at her apartment or wherever she stopped next. Now that they had her in their sights, they weren’t gonna let her get away again.

When they got out, they noticed Dave and Evan walking up to Jenna and recognized them from the club. “Drive,” said Jim. “We’ll have to come up with something else. Now that we know where the whore lives, we can get her anytime. We’ll get a car and follow her and take her another time.” Goddamn bitch. She would not get away.

“Jenna,” Dave said softly as he and Evan walked up to her, not wanting to startle her.

“I don’t know if you remember us, but we were at the Club Saturday, with you and Kyle. We are friends of Kyle’s,” Evan said.

“Yes, I remember. Kyle’s out of town and not here.” Jenna assumed they were looking for Kyle. Why else would they be here?

“We know, that’s part of the reason we are here. Kyle wanted us to watch over you while he was gone. He heard about your flat and wants Evan to take your car and get you new tires,” answered Dave.

“I can’t afford new tires,” Jenna said and started crying, not sure what she was going to do. She knew she needed new tires and that she couldn’t drive on the spare for long but definitely did not have the money to buy new tires.

“Honey, don’t worry about that. Kyle will take care of it. We all want to see you safe and the tires on your car are not safe. I know if Kyle was here, he would insist and I am going to. Now, unlock your door. Do you need your key to lock the door from the inside?” asked Dave.

“No, I have a deadbolt,” Jenna answered, not sure she wanted to give in, but she didn’t know what else to do. Dave and Evan were right, she needed new tires, but hadn’t been able to get them. Hating to give in, she put a smile on her face and did as Dave asked.

Handing her keys to Evan, he took them and said, “I’m sure Kyle will call you later. Now, I’m going to take your car and get you tires. I’ll bring your car and keys back tonight. Do you need to go to work tomorrow?”

“Yes, I usually work in the office Thursday and Friday. I need to be there by eight in the morning.” Jenna sighed. No point fighting these two. Her fight was with Kyle.

The men stood outside and waited for Jenna to lock her door. Hearing the deadbolt latch, Dave sent Evan off with the car while he texted Kyle. No way Rachel or Jenna would be left alone now that they had conformation that the men from the club were still after the girls.

Soon her phone rang, and it was Kyle. “Did Evan and Dave get your car, baby?”

“Yes, I’m sure they have already let you know, I really can’t afford new tires, Kyle. I was going to get a used one until I could get new ones. You don’t have to buy me tires. I’ll find a way to pay you back,” she said resolutely, thinking to herself, maybe I can just live on ramen noodles for a while. And if I cut out cable for a while, it shouldn’t take too long to pay him back.

“Baby, don’t worry about it. We’ll work something out. I will be back tomorrow and I want to see you. Will you go to the Club with me tomorrow night?”

“Yes, I will!” Jenna answered excitedly. He wanted to spend more time with her. Yeah, maybe he wasn’t trying to brush her off.

Jenna decided not to fight with Kyle and took the gift at face value. Tomorrow they would go to the Club and she would spend another weekend with him. She would figure out the tires and how to pay him back later. They talked for a few minutes, then Kyle had to go, promising to see her Friday.

A while later, a knock came at the door, and it was Evan with her keys. He showed her where he had parked her car and, after making sure she didn’t need anything else, left her for the evening, or so she thought. What she didn’t know was that she was never truly alone. Someone was watching her at all times.

She woke early Friday happy with thoughts of spending the weekend with Kyle. Work flew by and on her way home, she wondered when Kyle would be there. He hadn’t mentioned a time when they had talked last night and she wanted to be ready when he came to pick her up.

/> Jenna had a surprise waiting for her when she got home. She unlocked her door, and sitting there on her couch was Kyle.

“Hey baby, come give me a kiss,” he said softly.

So excited to see him, she ran to him, not stopping to think about how he had gotten in. After being thoroughly kissed and catching her breath, she asked the question, “How did you get in?” She was pretty sure she knew the answer. Evan and her keys definitely had something to do with it.

“When Evan took your keys, he made copies for me.” Kyle grinned and seemed pretty happy with himself.

“What if I didn’t want you to have keys to my home?” Jenna asked. Not sure whether she wanted him to have keys or not, but that wasn’t the point, he should have asked instead of sneaking.

“Baby, I wanted to surprise you, weren’t you surprised?”

She looked like she was starting to get pissed. He didn’t want to fight with her. Time to distract her so they could get to the club. He wanted to play. It had been a hard week and all he wanted was his woman and to relax.

“Yes, it was wonderful to find you here, but that’s not the point.” Jenna wasn’t sure she wanted this battle now. She was so happy to see Kyle that she was almost ready to forgive him anything.

Kyle reached out and pulled Jenna into his lap. Wrapping his arms around her, he decided to distract her and deal with this later. “Oh baby, I’ve missed you so much. Don’t be mad at me.” As he said this, he was lifting her shirt and rubbing her breasts. Pulling the shirt over her head, he lifted her breast out of the bra and bent down to suck and lick her nipple. He pinched and pulled the nipple now in his mouth. Laying her back on the couch, he started to work on undoing her pants. He needed to be inside her now!

He dreamt all week about what he was going to do to her, and this was just the beginning.