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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:47

Standing her up and removing all her clothes, he lifted her and carried her back to the bedroom. Laying her on the bed, he stripped quickly and donned a condom. Then he lifted her legs over his shoulders and slammed into her.

Jenna took a deep breath and screamed when Kyle slammed into her. God, she had missed him this week, and she was wet and ready for him. This wasn’t going to last long for either of them.

Kyle was so ready that in just a few strokes, he was done. Reaching down and pinching her clit, he took Jenna with him. “I’m sorry that was so quick, baby. Next time I will last longer. I wanted you so bad and missed you so much,” he said as he brushed her mouth with his. “I want to take you to the club. I have something planned for you tonight.” Pulling out of her and laying on his side next to her, he removed the condom and wrapped it in a tissue for disposal later. Then he proceeded to run his hands over her breasts. “First, I’m going to clamp these, just tight enough to cause a little pain. Before I clamp them I’ll get them good and sensitive, sucking and biting until they can swell no more and when you think you can’t take any more, I’ll put the clamps on and watch you squirm so beautifully. Then when I have your nipples the way I want I will start to work on this beautiful pussy.” As he was talking, he was playing with her breasts, pinching and pulling, putting his words into effect. He reached down and laid his hand on the subject he was talking about. Running his fingers through her folds, he stopped at her rosette. “I’ll start with a plug in here, something to stretch you and ready you to take me there.” While he was talking, he was circling one finger around her hole and, with each circle, pressing in a little harder. “Has anyone ever taken you there, baby?”

“No, Sir,” she breathed, so caught up in the sensations she barely was able to comprehend the question.

“Has anyone played with this little hole, baby?”

“No Sir, I’ve never played back there,” she answered. The feeling was amazing. It stung, and burned, but also sent pulses to her clit that she had never felt before.

Anal play was something she had never thought about much, but it felt amazing and she was definitely in for the ride.

“Ahh, an anal virgin, I’ll be your first. Very good, baby.” He pushed his finger past the ring of muscle and circled it inside her.

“Ohh,” she panted. It felt so…so earthy and bad. She didn’t know something so forbidden could feel so good.

“Once I get this little hole filled with a nice plug, I’m gonna take this pussy hard and fast. I’m going to fuck you harder than you have ever been fucked and make you come like you’ve never come before. And when you think you can’t come any more, I’m going to make you come again and again. I won’t stop until you are a puddle of melted goo in the bed. Then I’m going to fuck you some more.”

“When you’re totally spent and can’t take any more, I’ll pull the plug out of your ass, and stuff a huge dildo up your cunt. Once I have you stuffed like a turkey, I’ll flip you over and ram my cock up your virgin ass. Then I’ll fuck you senseless again and again until I can’t fuck you anymore. Hard and fast and rough.” While he was saying this, he had added a second finger to her ass and was fucking in and out to match his words.

The picture he painted with his words and actions had her hot and dripping. The rough, earthy sound of his voice went straight to her soul. “Yes, please, Master.” She breathed.

“Yes to what, baby? What do you want your Master to do to you? Do you want a big plug here while I fuck you here?” His lips moved over hers while he spoke, first jamming three fingers into her ass, then moving them to her pussy.

“Oh God, yes, yes,” she panted.

“Then I’ll fuck that ass while you have your pussy stuffed, do you want that?” he asked, moving his fingers back to her ass.

“Yessss,” she hissed.

“Will you let me clamp your nipples, fuck your ass, and make you come until there’s no tomorrow?” He pinched both nipples, hard, one after the other.

“Yes, yes to all of it.” All the while, he fucked three fingers in and out of her ass, stretching and rimming her, getting her ready to take his cock.

Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out, and jumped off the bed. “Okay, to the club we go.”

“Huh,” Jenna mumbled. She was so close, now he wanted to leave. “You want to what?” Jenna didn’t know how, but someday, some way, she was going to get Kyle back for teasing her like this.

“Come on, let’s go. Up with you now.” She could see a twinkle in his eyes. He was enjoying all of this.

Big Jim sat in his car in the parking lot, watching Jenna’s apartment. The bitch hadn’t been alone for a minute since the tire incident and there was no way to get to her. But he would. She was his. No one, especially a mouthy little cunt told him no. The bitch was gonna pay for what she had done. She and the other one didn’t know it, but they had fucked over the wrong men. He and the other boys were taking turns watching the sluts and they would get them eventually. He watched as the asshole from the club took Jenna and put her in his truck. By getting the bitch, the asshole would pay also. Revenge was sweet and Big Jim was going to have his.

Big Jim followed them to the club and sat in the parking lot a while, formulating his plan to get Jenna and Rachel. After an hour or so, he decided that they weren’t leaving the club anytime soon. He sent a text to one of the other guys to take over and headed home to jerk off. Damn bitch had him hot.

After the incident at the club, Craig hadn’t left Rachel alone. Taking her to his suite at the club, he took care of the woman he had wanted and watched for several months, not ready to do anything about it. Now was the time. For the first couple days, Rachel was pretty out of it. The doc had kept her pretty doped up so that she didn’t have to deal with the pain. She had nightmares every night and Craig did the best he could with her.

After a week of recovery and pampering, Rachel was going nuts in the suite and asked Craig to go to the club. Since he needed to do bartender duty that evening, he figured he could watch her and work, too. “Okay, we’ll go to the club, but no scenes for you tonight. Your

back needs to heal more,” he told her.

“No problem,” she answered. “I won’t be doing any scenes in the very near future after last week.” She shuddered. “I’ll be content to just sit at the bar and watch you, if that’s okay.”

“No problem, lamb. Kyle and Jenna will be here later, maybe you two girls can get to know each other a little better.”