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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:47

About halfway through the movie, he took the popcorn and drink and moved them to an empty seat beside him. Lifting the armrest between the seats, he pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “Spread them.”

“You heard me, spread them.”

“But all the people, and you know I’m not wearing…” As usual, Jenna was wearing a skirt and no underwear. Kyle insisted on their dates that there be nothing between him and “his” pussy.

“I know exactly what you’re wearing and not wearing, and spread them, or this will become a punishment instead of fun. I want to play with my pussy and unless you make a lot of noise, no one will know. Now I suggest you open those legs and be quiet.”

Jenna gasped, but did as he commanded, knowing if she didn’t he would not hesitate to punish her right there in the movie theater.

“Lift up, I need to move this skirt out of the way, and scoot your butt to the edge of the seat. I want to be able to reach everything.” Kyle pulled a vibrator out of his pocket and turned it on. Jenna was sure everyone could hear the buzzing, but no one looked around, so she relaxed a little.

Using the wetness of her juices, Kyle ran the vibrator up and down her folds, getting it good and slick. Slowly he pushed it in her back hole and turned up the speed. “Remember, quiet, no sounds.”

Jenna was biting her lip to keep from gasping out. Again reaching into his pocket, Kyle produced another even larger vibrator and turned it on. Rubbing it up and down her folds, round and round her clit, he teased her with it.

When Jenna felt she was so close she couldn’t stop it, Kyle slowly pushed the vibrator into her pussy and increased the speed on both vibrators. With her ass and pussy humming away, Jenna was about to go crazy to come, and Kyle was going to push her there.

Leaning over, he took her mouth with his and claimed her. Thrusting his tongue into her mouth, he kissed her until she was breathless. “Don’t come,” he said against her lips. “If you come, I’ll stuff a bullet vibrator up your ass and make you wear it all night and you won’t be allowed to come again tonight.”

Oh my God, Jenna thought. I’ll never make it, I’m so ready and he hasn’t even started yet. Knowing he would make good on his promise, Jenna bit her bottom lip and tried to think of anything to keep from coming.

Knowing how close she was, Kyle ramped up his attack. Taking two fingers and wetting them in his mouth, he lightly brushed her clit. Jenna bucked and almost fell out of the seat. “Oh my God, no fair,” she whispered furiously. So he did it again, and again. Jenna was biting her lip so hard she was almost drawing blood, and making grocery and cleaning lists just wasn’t cutting it.

Kyle was having fun torturing Jenna, but knew her limits and that she was very, very close. Applying more pressure to her clit, he whispered against her lips and said, “Come now, baby” as he took her scream with his mouth.

Jenna bucked and thrashed. If Kyle had not been holding her, she would have landed on the floor. Kyle leaned back in his seat and pulled Jenna into his lap, removing both vibrators. He sat holding her while she came down. When Jenna looked up, the movie was over and people were leaving the theater. Thankfully, he had arranged her skirt over her legs and they looked like a couple cuddling.

Standing her up and wrapping an arm around her waist, Kyle walked Jenna out of the theater and to his truck. Driving home, he thought about their life and all that had happened in the past few weeks. “Jenna, I want us to move in together. Will you wear my collar permanently and live with me?” he asked her. Not exactly how he had planned on asking her, but the timing seemed right. When he proposed marriage, he would do a better job.

“Yes, but where do you want to live? My apartment is awful small for both of us, and I’ve never seen your place.” Jenna thought this was strange. The only place Kyle had ever taken her was the room at the club.

“Actually, you have. The room at the club is my home. I have no other place.”

“But it doesn’t even have a kitchen.”

“And I’m a bachelor who doesn’t mind takeout all the time. All the guys, Craig, Dave, Evan and myself have a permanent room at the club. Makes it easier to be on hand. But I would like us to look for a house. Someplace with a yard to raise children, eventually. Would you like that?”

“Yes, that would be wonderful.” Children and a house with Kyle. Jenna’s life was definitely looking up. She was going to owe Sadie big time.

Good, we’ll start looking right away and I’ll arrange for the collaring ceremony at the club. We’ll have a private ceremony, just a few friends. Does this sound okay to you?”

“Yes, Master, whatever you want.” The only people she wanted there were her girls. Other than that, she didn’t care. Her family wouldn’t understand the lifestyle.

Jenna and Kyle started looking for houses and planning the ceremony. Connie came into town and the girls had a shopping-and-planning day. Connie assured her that she and Dean would be there for the ceremony, and things started to fall into place.

House hunting was not as much fun as Jenna thought it would be, as Kyle had very set ideas about what he wanted and would not give in. Finding a place to his exacting standards was going to take some work and they were considering buying land and having a custom-made home.

Jenna’s life was full and she was very happy. She still drove her old car, even though Kyle had wanted to buy her a new one. Why fix it if it’s not broke? she asked him.

One Friday, coming home from the office, the car started to sputter and die on Jenna. She pulled over and realized she had forgotten her phone at home that morning in her hurry to get out the door. Kyle had been home Thursday night and had kept her up most of the night, and she woke late and in a hurry.

Sitting on the side of the rode pondering what to do, a somehow familiar van pulled in behind her. It looked vaguely like the one that had stopped when she had a flat tire, but that couldn’t be right. Why would the same van stop again?

Kyle and Evan still had surveillance on Jenna, but they had relaxed somewhat and the man who was on her today had missed her leaving early from work. By the time he had caught up with her, she was already in the van speeding away.