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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:48

Tim radioed in, letting Evan know what was going on, and followed the van to a warehouse in the stockyard complex.

He watched as four men wrestled Jenna out of the van, one of them backhanding her when she struggled. He saw her slump and assumed they had knocked her out. The men then dragged her into the warehouse and Tim sat, waiting for backup. Kyle was going to kill him and Tim couldn’t blame him. What a fuck up, again. The team had made so many mistakes on this one. Evan was going to

throw a fit and it wasn’t going to be pretty. Totally FUBAR, just like Tim knew he was going to be after Evan and Kyle got done with him. Especially Kyle. How could he have let this happen?

Feeling pretty useless sitting there, Tim decided to do a little reconnaissance and check out the place. Looking for windows and other entrances or exits, he at least felt productive. As he walked around the building, he heard Jenna scream, and knew he needed to get in sooner rather than later.

He found an open window in the back and pulled himself up where he could see. There appeared to be only four men in the room and they had Jenna chained in the middle of the floor. Her arms were pulled over her head and her feet were off the floor several inches, and there was a spreader bar between her knees, keeping her legs wide open, and she was naked.

The men appeared to be arguing, but Tim couldn’t hear what they were saying. Radioing in to let Evan know what his plans were, he decided to make use of the distraction and crawled through the window.

Jumping down quietly, he managed to hide behind some crates. The men were still arguing. Apparently, the leader of the group, Big Jim, as they called him, had definite ideas of how this was going to go down and the rest of the group wasn’t necessarily on board.

“Look, the bitch told me no. No one tells Big Jim no! I say after we beat and rape her, we keep her for our little toy. After what her dickwad boyfriend and his buddies did to us, she deserves to pay. Who’s with me?” Jim then walked over to Jenna and slapped her across the face. “Wake up, bitch, time to play with some real men.”

When she didn’t respond he grabbed one of her breasts and pinched the nipple hard. Jenna came to with a scream. She thought her nipple was going to be pulled off.

“Somebody get me a pair of pliers, I’ll make this bitch scream,” Jim hollered.

One of the men produced the pliers and gave it to Jim. He walked menacingly toward Jenna, snapping them open and shut. “How about we squeeze those pretty little nipples first, would you like that?” Jim threatened, walking around her and snapping the pliers open and shut. “Then when I have those nipples and breasts nice and pinched, we’ll work our way lower and see what I can do to that clit. Does that make you wet? Are you ready to play with Big Jim now, slut?” Then he rammed his hand between her spread legs and squeezed.

Jenna screamed again and fought against the chains holding her.

“Not wet yet, boys, but she will be.” Jim laughed and rammed three fingers inside Jenna. She screamed again.

Tim knew he couldn’t wait any longer and prayed that Evan and the rest of the team were not far. Going for the element of surprise, he pushed over the crates and sprang out in a crouch. Keeping his back to the crates, he hoped he could ward off the men until the rest of the team arrived.

Two of the men came over to deal with Tim and he made quick work of them. With a roundhouse kick to the knee, he took the first man out and, coming up from the kick, he managed to take the heel of his hand and break the nose of the other man. With two of them disabled, the odds were a little more in Tim’s favor. Just two to go.

Big Jim roared and turned to the other man. “Deal with him while I take care of the bitch.” He screamed. Turning to Jenna, he slapped her again and started taking her down in preparation to carry her back to the van. Time to take the bitch somewhere else and have his fun.

Without the element of surprise, Tim was going to have more of a fight with this next jerk. Trying to watch what was happening to Jenna and fight off the attack, Tim wasn’t doing a very good job at either.

Big Jim had Jenna out of the chains and thrown over his shoulder and was heading to the door. Knowing that if the man got Jenna back in the van, it would be nearly impossible to find her, Tim charged his attacker and knocked him to the ground.

Not slowing down, Tim ran after Big Jim and Jenna, hoping to catch them before Jenna was put in the van.

As Big Jim carried Jenna out of the warehouse, several SUVs and police cars pulled up. Evan, Kyle, Craig and Dave and several members of the security team jumped out of the SUVs and the police pulled guns, all pointed at Big Jim. Thinking to distract them, Jim threw Jenna on the ground and started running.

Surrounded as he was, Jim didn’t get far. Kyle ran to Jenna as an ambulance pulled up. Jenna was unconscious. The paramedics quickly evaluated Jenna and loaded her into the ambulance. Kyle insisted on riding with them.

Jenna came to while in the ambulance and was not crazy about being taken to the hospital. Not that she had much choice at that point. She needed X-rays on her face where she had been hit to make sure her cheekbone had not been broken and to be evaluated for internal injuries from being thrown on the ground. As soon as all that was done, the doc would then decide if she could be released or needed to stay for observation.

What a fucked up situation. Kyle could not believe that this had happened to his baby, again. How the fuck did this keep happening? For one of the most respected bodyguards in the country, he couldn’t even protect his own woman. Making a decision, Kyle decided it wasn’t worth the risk to Jenna. As soon as she was healed, he was going to slowly back his way out of her life. It would kill him to do it, but she was not safe with him and that was most important, that she be safe. But first, he had to get her through this.

When they got to the hospital, Jenna was taken for X-rays and scanned for internal injuries. Kyle was not allowed to go along.

Although he was not happy about leaving Jenna alone, he took the time to call Evan and find out what was going on.

When Evan answered the phone, all Kyle said was, “Report.”

“The police have four of the men in custody. They feel confident that the DA will be able to cut a deal and get these four to give up the remaining four. Jim appears to be the leader and the most charges will be filed against him. They definitely have kidnapping and terrorist activity, for the torture, on these four, and if they can get them to implicate the other four, will be able to charge all of them with conspiracy, if nothing else. Dave informed the police about what had happened at the club, but we think we can keep Rachel and the club out of it if we can get them to confess,” Evan reported.

“The police are sending a detective to the hospital to talk to you and Jenna. Is she awake yet?” Evan asked.

“Yes, she came to in the ambulance. They have her in X-ray now and are going to do a CAT scan for internal injuries. Depending on what the results are, she may be able to go home tonight or tomorrow. I’m staying until she’s released, then I will be taking her home to her apartment. Get someone to do my assignments for the next several weeks,” Kyle said.