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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:49

Connie waited until Saturday and when she hadn’t heard from Jenna, she called her. “So are you coming or not?” she demanded.

“Well, what did you find out about Kyle?”

“As far as I know he’s not going to be there, and I really need your support. Dean and I are trying something new and I want to know I have some friends there in case it gets too intense for me.”

“Okay, I’ll be there about eight, but I don’t know how long I’ll stay. If it gets too uncomfortable, I’m leaving.”

“Okay, I can’t ask more than that. Thank you, see you there.” Connie’s next call was to Sadie. “I don’t care how you do it, but Jenna is not to go by herself. Either you need to drive, which would work best, or if you can’t get her to ride with you, then you have to ride with her. We need to keep her at the club as late as possible, got it?”

“No problem,” Sadie answered. “She’ll come in my car whether she likes it or not, she owes me.”

Sadie called Jenna. “Hey, girl, I heard you’re coming to watch Connie and Dean tonight, I’ll pick you up about seven thirty, be ready, see ya then.” And she hung up before Jenna could protest.

Great, thought Jenna, she knew Sadie wouldn’t take no for an answer, and now she had lost the control of having her own car and being able to leave whenever she wanted to.

Jenna was ready at seven thirty, wearing one of the slip dresses Kyle had bought her, this one in a green to match her eyes. They arrived at the club a little before the demonstration was due to start and Jenna went straight to the bar. A glass of wine would give her a little Dutch courage to make it through the evening.

Connie came up to her. “Jenna, I need you to help me out. I ate some bad shrimp at lunch and can’t do the demo with Dean. Would you please take my place? There’s no one else and it’s too late to cancel.”

“Oh, Connie, I want to help you, but can’t Sadie or Rachel do it?”

“Rachel isn’t playing with anyone but Craig, and Sadie can’t do it either. There’s no one but you. It’s not an orgasm torture scene. Dean is just going to demo some different flogger techniques. It shouldn’t be too intense. He will tame it down for you, but we promised and can’t back out now.”

At this point Dean walked up and said, “It would really help out not only Connie and myself, but Dave also, if you could do this. I won’t make you be naked and I’ll shorten it up as much as possible, but some of the other owners from out of town are here and it would really embarrass Dave to have to postpone this. With Connie’s stomach problem, there’s no way she can do what I need her to. Please.”

“I’ll do mostly talking and make it more verbal than a demo, all you have to do is kneel beside me for most of the time. As close to the end as I can, I will put you on a spanking bench and restrain you, but I’ll use breakaway cuffs, so you can get up anytime you need to. When it comes time to actually use the flogger on you, I’ll just barely graze your skin and use the softest flogger I have. I’ll try to have you off the bench in less than ten minutes and you can always safe word if it gets to be too much for you.”

“I guess. I can safe word if I need to. I suppose that would be okay.” Jenna wasn’t sure she wanted to do this, but Dean and Connie had been very nice to her when she was attacked at the club, and Connie was becoming a good friend.

“Great, come with me and I’ll show you how the cuffs work. I’ll just cuff y

our wrists for now, and if I need to I’ll cuff your legs later.” Dean smiled and led her to the area he would be using for the demo.

There were already a few people standing and waiting in the alcove Dean was going to use for the demo. This made Jenna a little nervous.

“Remember, kneeling for most of the demo, don’t get scared,” Dean whispered in her ear.

Placing the cuffs on her wrists, he showed her how he wanted her to lay on the bench and how the cuffs worked. “See, you just pull up quickly and you’re free. Nothing to be scared about.”

Jenna tried it and it was fairly easy to get loose, so she felt a little more comfortable. She just wished it was over and done with.

Dean helped her up off the bench and took her to where he wanted her to kneel. Starting the demo, he said, “Welcome, everyone, my name is Dean and tonight I’ll be working with Jenna. Those of you who’ve watched me before know that Jenna is not my usual sub. So bear with us tonight, things may be a little rough at first.” Dean went on to explain the demonstration and what he was going to do.

Jenna sat there on her knees staring at the floor, like a good sub. She could do this for Connie. She must have zoned out, because the next thing she knew, her arm was being pulled and she was yanked to her feet by a furious Kyle.

“The hell you will,” he was saying to Dean as he flipped her over his shoulder. “Jenna is mine and nobody, I mean nobody plays with her but me.” And he turned and started down the hall to the suites.

“Hey, wait a minute, don’t I have a say in this?” Jenna screamed. “Kyle, put me down. Now.”

Kyle ignored Jenna’s screams and slapped her on the ass. “Hold still if you don’t want me to drop you.”

“Then put me down!” she screamed.

“Quiet.” He slapped her ass again.