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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:43

“You are so wet, baby, you are enjoying this as much as I am,” he said as he nibbled on her neck and rubbed his finger up and down her clit. She was so close to coming.

Oh my God, he said “I love you.” But she was sure he didn’t mean it that way, so she just smiled.

Shit, thought Kyle, he had actually said that out loud. Maybe she would just let it go. Even though he did love her already, it was too soon.

He lowered the partition and told the driver they were ready. Raising it back up, he said to Jenna, “When we get to the club, I will check us in and take your jacket. You will leave it and your shoes in a locker. Subs always go shoeless in the club, and since most of them are not wearing many clothes, they keep it pretty warm in there, so you should be fine. If you get cold, I’m sure I can think of a way to warm you,” he said as he tweaked her nipples and kissed the back of her neck. She was hot now, no worries about being cold!

“One more thing to talk about, safe words. Do you know what a safe word is?”

“Yes, Sir, I have read many books,” Jenna answered.

“Good, but don’t think you know it all from your reading. Were your books fiction or nonfiction?”

“So you realize that these are made-up stories, someone’s imagination, not real life, and that real life can be very different than a fairy tale?”

“Okay, I hope so. Back to safe words. The club norm is ‘red’ to stop, ‘yellow’ to slow down and talk, and ‘green’ to go. Are you good with those?”

“Jenna, this is very important, I need you to be sure of this and I don’t want you to just try for me. I want you to want this as bad as I do. I don’t just want it, I need it, and I need to know that you will use your safe word if you need to. I don’t want you to be brave for me. I don’t want to hurt you or scare you off. This is something you need to be sure of. Can you do this for me…for us, baby?”

Jenna was not the first girl Kyle had taken to the club from the vanilla world, and most of the time it had not worked out the way he wanted it to. The girls he usually dated either wanted more than he could give or hated the idea of BDSM.

He looked so worried. Was he afraid that she would spook and run? She’d gone this far. There was no turning back now. She needed to do this for herself, for both of them. She wanted to do it for him. “Yes, Sir. I can do this. Safe words are green for ‘I love it, don’t stop,’ Yellow, ‘slow down, let’s talk’ or ‘I need a break,’ red for ‘stop, I want to quit and go home.’” Not that she was going to say “red.” No way. She was going to do this. Jenna hoped he couldn’t read her mind.

“Okay,” he said with a deep exhale. “We’re here, let’s go in. Ready?” He tied the belt to her coat and opened the door. After getting himself out, he reached into the car, helping her out. Slipping one arm around her waist, they walked the short distance to the club. Ben had dropped them off at the door, so they didn’t have far to walk. As she looked about, she saw the parking lot was crowded. Lots of cars meant lots of people. And they all would see her, naked in the back. Was she ready for this? Too late now to go back. She could safe word and run, but what fun would that be? She could just imagine the disappointment on Kyle’s face if they didn’t even make it to the door. Deep breath, here we go.

Walking in the entryway, it looked like any other nightclub she had been in. She could hear the bass pounding and see lights flashing. There must be a band or a really good sound system. She couldn’t tell which.

“Good evening, Therese,” Kyle said to the girl at the coat check. He turned her to him and undid the belt to her coat. Slipping it off her shoulders, he handed it to the girl. “Shoes,” he said to her. She put one hand on his shoulder for balance and slipped off her shoes, handing them to him. Losing that three inches of height made her feel small. Not that she was a small person…five feet six inches tall and a medium frame. She was huge compared to some of her friends, but next to Kyle, she felt small. It was a good feeling. He handed her shoes to the girl and grabbed her hand.

“Eyes down, mouth shut,” was all he said. He led her into what she assumed was the main room of the club.

There were lots of activities going on. People dancing, some sitting and talking, and things going on in the alcoves she couldn’t see, but she could hear screaming. She saw what she assumed were subs like herself, dressed in very little, either standing or kneeling. She was actually wearing a lot of clothes compared to some that she saw. She felt a little less self-conscious. She still needed something to stand against, though.

“Eyes down!” Kyle hissed in her ear. Jenna hadn’t realized that she was looking up. She guessed she was going to see a lot of feet tonight.

“Master Kyle, very good to see you and Jenna tonight.” It sounded like Sadie, but she didn’t dare look up to see, and she couldn’t tell by her feet.

“Hello Sadie, I see you are unattached this evening. Looking for a Dom tonight?”

“No Sir, I just came to hang out this evening. If I end up in a scene, it will all be good. May I speak to your sub?” Jenna and Sadie had talked on the phone earlier that week and Sadie had told her that she secretly had a crush on the club’s owner, Dave, and had done several scenes with him, and that she was hoping to do another one with him that night.

“Jenna, do you want to talk to Sadie? Permission to speak, you may answer.”

“Yes, Sir. Hi, girl!” and she reached out to hug her without thinking. Great, Kyle had told Jenna not to touch. Boy, was she already getting a dirty look.

“Did I give you permission to touch?” he asked in a deep, sexy voice, a voice she had not heard from him before, a voice that dripped sex. Must be his Dom voice, she thought.

“No, Sir.” Jenna answered timidly.

Sadie had eyes on the floor and was mouthing, “I’m sorry.”