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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:49

“A make-up session is exactly what we need. I see you managed to free your arms. Want to tell me how you did that?”

“Breakaway cuffs, Master”

“I’ll just have to fix that.” And he proceeded to do so. Soon, Kyle had Jenna screaming again, for an entirely different reason.

On Saturday night, they announced their engagement to their friends and started planning a collaring ceremony for after they got back from their trip. Jenna felt a little weird announcing their engagement without a ring, but Kyle promised to remedy that as soon as possible and explained to everyone that he was having a ring custom-made and it would be ready soon. The truth was that he had special plans to give it to her and did not want to screw it up again.

Kyle took Evan aside. “I don’t know how much of this was your doing, but thank you for helping me pull me head out of my ass. I owe you big time.”

“Just name one of the boys after me. And I get to be godfather.”

“Done.” The guys slapped each other on the back and, looking sheepish, hugged quickly and went back to the party.

On Monday, Jenna went into the office to turn in her work and quit. By noon that day, they were on the road to Montana. Jenna was excited to meet Kyle’s family and he was excited to show her his hometown. He hadn’t been excited about going home for a long time, but it felt right this time.

Jenna loved Kyle’s family and they loved her. They spent their days going to all of Kyle’s childhood haunts, and he showed her a part of him he usually kept hidden. It was wonderful spending time with him like this.

Soon it was time to move on and their next destination was Jenna’s hometown. They made a trip of it and saw the sights along the way.

Jenna’s dad thought Kyle was a “stand-up guy” and would be good for her, something he had never done with any of her other boyfriends. It took her brother a little longer to warm up to him, but once he did, he welcomed Kyle into the family and promised to come and see the house as soon as they had it built.

The next stop was Florida to see Jenna’s sister. They planned to spend the longest there and “do” the Florida thing. They spent a few days staying with the family, but Kyle also wanted them to have some privacy—he couldn’t make her scream with her sister in the house—and they rented a hotel room for a few days, promising to go back to her sister’s before they left.

One night, Kyle had a surprise planned for Jenna. They dressed formally, him in a suit and her in a little black dress, with very high heels and, of course, no underwear.

Kyle drove to the pier where he had rented a yacht and crew for the night. On the deck, under the moonlight, Kyle again proposed. “This was how I planned it all along, baby. I wanted to romance you, but I just couldn’t wait. Will you be mine?”

; “You already know the answer, but yes…yes…yes. I’ll say it as many times as you need to hear it.”

“I’ll never get tired of hearing it.” He gave her the biggest diamond she had ever seen, surrounded by emeralds. “To match your eyes,” he whispered. Then he took her there on the deck and made sweet love to her for the rest of the night.

Sometime during the night, he carried her down to the cabin, and it was late when she woke the next day. They spent the day at sea, sunbathing and watching the dolphins. They returned that evening, going back to the hotel. They planned to meet her sister and family at Disney World the next day, because as Kyle had told her, “You can’t go to Florida and not do Disney.”

They spent the day riding rides and behaving like kids. In the dark rides Kyle copped a feel, playing with her pussy every chance he got and kept Jenna on edge most of the day. It was great. That evening at dinner, Kyle looked at Jenna and asked, “Would you like to get married while we are here? You sister could stand up with you and maybe your brother-in-law will stand with me?”

“You’d do that? What about the guys, don’t you want any of them to stand with you?”

“They’ll be at the collaring ceremony, and if it’s what you want, I want to make you happy. I sort of jumped the gun and already have a Florida license. Now you just need to pick the date and buy a dress and we’ll do it. I thought we could be married on the beach at sunset, if you like.”

The next day, Jenna and her sister went shopping for dresses. Jenna wanted something simple, a mid-length flowing sundress, and, after hitting several stores, found the perfect dress.

They were married a week later and Kyle took Jenna on a week-long cruise for their honeymoon.

Returning to Florida, Jenna said a tearful good-bye to her sister, who promised to come and visit soon.

On the drive home, they talked about the house and what they wanted it to be. Kyle made plans to meet with an architect friend of his as soon as they got back and start on the blueprints.

Once they got back to Denver, they spent their time planning the collaring ceremony and building the house they had designed together with the help of Kyle’s architect friend. Jenna was happy and life was good.

What a mess. Jenna was relaxing in the tub and Kyle was trying to corral the children. Having four kids under five was a handful. The twins, Kyle Jr. and Rose, were four and Evan was two and a half, and the baby, Rachel, just six months. Apparently, the twins had found a marker and decided to draw on the baby. If Kyle didn’t get it cleaned up before Jenna saw, there would be hell to pay.