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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:50

They had a sitter on the way and had plans to spend the evening at the club. If Kyle didn’t get things under control soon, the entire weekend would be ruined. They hadn’t played at the club since before the baby had been born and Kyle was ready for a weekend with his wife all to himself.

The kids were great, but getting a minute alone was impossible and Jenna didn’t like leaving them with anyone. Not that Kyle could blame her. Leaving the children was hell, but he needed time with his wife also.

Jenna stood just out of sight, watching her big, bad Dom trying to handle the roomful of children. He was good with them, but they were a handful. It looked like the twins had taken a marker to the baby again. The only markers in the house were water-washable, but it didn’t look like Kyle knew that. A baby wipe and everything would be fine. They still had a few minutes before the sitter was due. Jenna decided just to watch the show. She knew Kyle would be torturing her soon, why not take some fun for herself first?

After watching for a few minutes, Jenna walked into the room, grabbed a wipe and cleaned the baby. Giving the twins a stern look, she smiled up at her husband. She was happy, content and fulfilled. She had never imagined her life as it was now and couldn’t think of a thing she would change. Although she wasn’t one hundred percent sure yet, it looked like her family was going to expand again soon. Five children, wow!