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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:43

She was in trouble already and they had only been there five minutes. Not the way to start the evening off. And she had wanted to be so good. She was trying so hard and in the first five minutes, she had already screwed it up. Maybe Kyle wouldn’t want a sub who couldn’t even behave for five minutes. Tears started spilling down her face. What a screw-up she was.

He put his hand under her chin and lifted her face to look in his eyes. “Oh, baby, you are in trouble,” he said with a slight growl and a hint of humor in his voice as he leaned down and kissed away her tears. “I won’t punish you too harshly for your first infraction, but when we get to a private room you will be punished, or you won’t learn not to do it again.” He wanted her to be slightly intimidated, but not too scared. “Let’s go look around a little and you can think of your questions. Good evening, Sadie, I’m sure Jenna will call you tomorrow and give you the lowdown. Off we go.”

He grabbed her hand and led her off to the first alcove. “While we are watching a scene, you will stand in front of me. If you like what you see, squeeze my hand. If you don’t, rub my cock,” he said with a smirk. Rub his cock, yeah sure, in front of all these people…right. “If you don’t, I won’t know what you want to try and what you want to avoid.”

He couldn’t be serious. Couldn’t she just tell him? “Permission to speak, Sir?”

“Can’t I just tell you what I like and what I don’t?”

ld that be, baby? Let’s make this fun for both of us.” Okay, she guessed he wasn’t kidding, and it was probably not a good idea to argue with him. Jenna thought if she had her back to his front, no one would see what she was doing anyway. “Okay, Sir. I’ll try it.”

“No, baby, you’ll do it.” Then he leaned down and licked the back of her neck, and nibbled on it. She was starting to get weak at the knees before he stopped. Okay, more relaxed now, I can do this, Jenna thought.

They stopped at the first scene. A Dom had a female sub naked and tied to what she later found out was a St. Andrew’s Cross. He was hitting her with a flogger and she was moaning and writhing. It looked like ecstasy. Jenna squeezed Kyle’s hand…hard. This was something she definitely wanted to try.

“You like that, do you?” he said and reached down and slid his hand into the thong, “I can see you do.” She squeezed again. Jenna wanted to be the sub and for Kyle to be the Master. “Later, baby, we will try something similar. Good to know. Let’s move on,” he said after they had watched a few minutes. Maybe this wouldn’t be as hard as she thought.

The next scene was a piercing scene. She reached and grabbed Kyle’s cock. No way! “Okay, baby, I get it. No piercing. Let go before you do permanent damage.” She guessed she grabbed a little hard. They moved from that scene quickly.

Next they saw a female Domme with a whip who had a male sub tied to a cross. The man was sporting an erection, but she didn’t know how he could be enjoying the pain. They watched a few minutes. “So, baby, what do you think, is this for you? Watch how she places the stripes evenly, careful not to cross them, never drawing blood, only raising welts. Never more than he can stand or wants. She is very careful with him. Watch, now she is going to check and make sure he is okay and still willing to participate. She will ask what color he is. If he answers anything else but green, or she feels he is unable to answer, she will stop the scene and they will discuss whether to continue or not. Remember, safe, sane and most of all consensual. Nothing without consent.”

She didn’t know. It looked painful and it was nothing she had ever considered, but…maybe. Wait, maybe, she thought. Was she crazy? Was she really thinking about letting Kyle or anyone else take a whip to her? She was crazy. Who would let that happen? Who would think about something like that? She was crazy. Why was she here? Her thoughts started to overwhelm her.

Kyle noticed and took her off to a corner. She was, at this point, starting to mutter under her breath. She was crazy. “Baby, calm down,” he said. “What has you so worked up?”

“I have to be crazy. I need to go. I’m…I’m…”

“Jenna, calm down. Nothing happened. Tell me, baby, what has you so upset?” He sat in a chair she hadn’t noticed and pulled her onto his lap. Wrapping her tightly in his arms, he started talking soothingly to her. She was so worked up, she wasn’t paying attention to what he said. All she could think was someone had to be crazy to let someone take a whip to them.

Jenna took a deep breath and asked, “Who lets someone take a whip to them? That’s crazy. Why would anyone enjoy that? What kind of person…?”

“Baby, some people need that level of pain to let go. They have things in their past or present and can’t let go without the endorphins it releases. Not everyone needs or wants that level of pain. It’s not for everyone and no one will force you to try it without your consent. Safe, sane and consensual. Nothing without your consent. No one said you needed that level of pain, and I for one do not believe in causing pain for pain’s sake. I would never hurt you. I would never do anything without your consent. If it’s not something you want, we won’t try it. Just like the piercing. And if you don’t want to watch something like that, we don’t have to.” He was rubbing her back and talking very softly to her. Her gentle Kyle would never do something like that to her, but would Dom Kyle? He said no and she needed to believe him.

“Have you ever whipped someone?” Jenna asked timidly.

He took a deep breath. Now was not the time to lie to her, but how did he tell her without scaring her more? Another deep breath. Tell the truth. “Yes, I have. I’m a whip master and am often asked to whip subs whose master can’t or won’t. But never without consent, and never on an unwilling sub. I will not whip for punishment, even if asked…there are other whip masters who enjoy that. I don’t give pain for pain’s sake. I only use a whip with the consent of the sub and the master. I would never hurt anyone.” He hoped he had convinced her, but could see the confusion in her eyes.

“Jenna, believe me. I will not whip you without your consent. I never pick up a whip in anger and would never use one on someone without their consent. Please believe me. I know this is very new to you. I follow the rules of safe, sane and consensual and would never break a sub’s trust or a master’s trust. Trust is something very valuable and very hard to earn. Not worth losing.”

She took a deep breath, “Okay, I guess I’m better now. I’m sorry I freaked there. This is all new to me and I lost it for a minute or so.” Well, maybe more than a minute, but…

He leaned down and kissed her, licking her lips until she opened and let him in. His tongue mated with hers and she started to melt. Continuing the kiss, he reached for her breast and started rubbing and pulling. “Let’s take this to a room. You’ve seen enough for one night.”

He picked her up and carried her down a hall she hadn’t noticed before. “The private rooms are here and I reserved one for the weekend. No one will disturb us and we can come and go as we please. I hope you stay all weekend with me,” he said as he set her on her feet.

She hadn’t brought clothes. All she had was what she was wearing. All weekend. Hmm.

“All weekend?” she asked.

“Yes, I have the room until Sunday evening when the Club closes. I thought it would give us a chance to get to know each other better and play.”

“But I didn’t bring any clothes, I need to…” She needed to what? There was no one she needed to let know. Sadie was her only friend who would worry and if she knew her, she would be here all weekend also, and Kyle had already told her Jenna was going to call in the morning. No pets to feed, no work for the weekend, who would she need to worry about? She was an adult and could do anything she wanted.