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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:44

Three. She had never come three times, but she was going to. “Oh, my God, I’m…I’m…Oh, my God!” The world was bathed in rainbows and stars. This time, he came with her.

She could feel him coming inside her. “Oh, baby, oh baby!”

He collapsed on top of her and she could feel him slowly softening. They both lay breathing hard for several minutes. He rolled to one side, pulling her with him, still inside her. “Give me a couple minutes, baby, then I’ll get us cleaned up and we can cuddle.”

She was so spent she couldn’t think, let alone respond. “Okay,” she managed. She was a puddle, melting into the bed. I may never be able to move again, she thought.

After a few more minutes Kyle got up and went into the bathroom. How could he move? She was still melting. He returned a few minutes later with a warm cloth. He wiped between her legs and cleaned her up. She felt like she should protest at the intimate act, but didn’t have the energy to say anything.

Putting the cloth on the bedside table, he crawled back into the bed and lay down beside her, pulling her back to his front, and cupped one breast.

“Go to sleep, baby. I have some things planned for tomorrow and you’ll need your rest.”

slept that night like she hadn’t for a long time. She didn’t even move all night. When she woke, the bed was empty and the room was quiet. She got up, wrapping the comforter around her, looking for Kyle.

She found him sitting in a chair in the living room. The TV was on, but the volume was down.

“Good morning, sunshine. Did you sleep well?” he asked.

“Great,” she answered. She was feeling just a little awkward, not sure what to do next.

“Come here and give me a good-morning kiss,” he said.

Jenna walked over to stand in front of him and he pulled her into his lap for the kiss. At first, it was just a light brushing of his lips on hers, then he deepened it, pressing harder and demanding entrance.

She opened for him and his tongue mated with hers. She felt the comforter open and he was cupping her breast. “If I don’t stop, we won’t leave this room today.” He sighed. “And I have more planned than staying here and playing all day…although it would be fun. We’ll have to save that for another time. Up you go, into the shower. I’ve already showered, so I’ll let you go alone this time. I’ll lay what I want you to wear out on the bed. Wear what I lay out and only that, nothing else. After you’ve showered and dressed come out here and we’ll go for breakfast and your surprise.”

Oh, she loved surprises, and she wondered what he had for her to wear. She hadn’t brought any clothes, not planning on the whole weekend, but it sounded like he had it covered.

Quickly, she showered and went to the bedroom to get dressed. On the bed lay a bright pink sundress, and on the floor beside the bed was a pair of matching pink flats.

She lifted the dress, looking for underwear. Nope, nothing under the dress. Tucking the towel tighter around her, she went to find Kyle.

He was still in the sitting room where she left him, watching television. “Kyle,” she said hesitantly. They weren’t in a scene, so it should be okay to call him by his name.

“The dress is beautiful and the shoes are cute, but I didn’t see any underwear. No panties or a bra. Did I miss them?”

“No,” he said blandly. “We aren’t in a scene, Jenna. It’s okay to call me by my name. The only time you need to call me Sir or Master is in the club or in a scene. Relax, baby.”

“Oh, I need underwear, Kyle.” she said, still a little hesitant, not wanting to make him mad first thing.

“Why?” he asked, smiling.

Why, what did he mean, why? “Well, because.”

“Because why?” He was really smiling now.

“Because I can’t go around without underwear. Nobody goes without underwear, that’s why.” She was starting to get frustrated and he was almost laughing.

“Who says? And how do you know what other people are wearing under their clothes? Not everyone wears underwear.” He was almost laughing out loud. Great.

Admittedly, she didn’t know what other people wore under their clothes, but you just didn’t go without. “What if you were in an accident?” her mother’s voice said in her head. “Wear clean underwear, you never know what will happen,” she could hear her say.

“I guess I don’t know what other people are wearing under their clothes, but I am not comfortable going without,” she said with a huff.