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Club de Fleurs: Jenna Rose Nickol 2022/7/22 11:49:44

“Tough, you’ll get used to it,” he said. “Now put the dress and the shoes on. I’m hungry and I want to get to breakfast, and then I have a surprise planned. Now!”

She guessed that was the end of that conversation. She either put the dress on without underwear or she stayed in the towel. Not really a choice.

Jenna got dressed in what was available and went back to where Kyle was.

“Punishment pose, now!” he said.

What had she done now?

“Two swats for arguing about underwear,” he said. “Now.”

Jenna bent over and grabbed her ankles, like he had shown her the night before.

He lifted the back of her dress, baring her. “Legs wider,” he said, using his foot to spread her wider. “Not how I wanted to start the day, baby.”

Damn, that hurt. Her ass was still tender from the night before. Sitting would not be fun today.

He helped her stand up and grabbed her hand. Leaning down, he gave her a kiss. “Good girl. Let’s go. Breakfast time.” He led her out the door and out of the club.

In the parking lot, they went to a dark green SUV. “This isn’t your car,” she said.

“Nope, it’s my truck,” he answered. “You didn’t think I drove the car in the winter, did you.?” he asked.

Well, she hadn’t thought of it actually, but it did make sense. He helped her into the seat, lifting the dress so her bare ass was on the seat, and fastened her belt. She wanted to lift up and pull down the dress, but decided it wouldn’t be a good idea.

“Good choice,” he said. Could he read her mind now? “Baby, your face is very expressive and I can read what you are thinking,” he said.

He drove to a popular diner, and they went for breakfast. During breakfast, they talked. He told her about his brothers Tim and Joel, who still lived in Montana, and his dad, Paul, who also lived there. He was the eldest and the only one who had ever left his hometown. He had been in the Air Force for ten years and was a pilot.

It was fascinating to learn more about him, and she listened avidly, soaking up every word. Too soon, they were done with breakfast and he quickly paid the bill and hustled her back out to the SUV. Helping her in and again lifting her dress, he belted her into the truck.

He got in his side and said, “Okay, Jenna, spread them.”

“Huh?” she asked, shocked.

“Spread your legs,” he said, sounding a little perturbed.

“Everyone will see I’m not wearing underwear,” she protested.

“I am very aware what you are not wearing, and no one will see anything I don’t want them to see. Now unless you want to go back to the room for another punishment, spread those legs, so we can go to your surprise. Now!” He was definitely perturbed now.

She definitely did not want to go back to the room and be punished, so she guessed her other choice was to do as he commanded. She spread her legs a little, but not enough to show anything. There, she’d done what he asked. Maybe he would be happy now.

“Wider,” he said. So she spread a little wider. “Wider,” he said again. She moved maybe half an inch. Not good enough. He reached over and spread her legs wide. “There!” he said. “Definitely a punishment when we get back to the room. But first, your surprise.”

Great, now she got to spend the day with that hanging over her head. Just what she wanted. Way to spoil the day.

He left his hand where he had placed it to move her legs and off they went.

As they were driving, he trailed his hand up and down her leg. She was starting to react and not paying attention to where they were going. Before she knew it, he said, “We’re here.”

Jenna looked around. Oh…the zoo. She hadn’t been to the zoo forever, not since she had first moved to Denver. She loved the zoo. “Oh, goody,” she said like a little kid and clapped her hands.

He helped her out of the truck and took her hand. Walking straight up to the gate, by passing the crowd waiting to get in, he said, “I have a VIP membership. We don’t have to wait.”

The day was great fun. They went to every exhibit and even saw a few of the shows. They rode the merry-go-round and the train and had lunch. It was a wonderful day. Kyle held her hand or otherwise touched her all the time, sometimes rubbing her back, and occasionally, when no one was looking, pinching her ass, making sure she was comfortable all day. He had thought of everything, even putting sunscreen on her as they started out. She was a little uncomfortable at first because of the lack-of-underwear situation, but soon forgot about it and enjoyed the day. Luckily, it wasn’t a windy day or she would have flashed everyone.