Club de Fleurs 6: Tasha

author:Rose Nickol Genre:erotic|romance Last update time:2022/7/22 11:51:38

Tasha Rivers was tired of running and hiding. She’d been running from her ex-fiancé for years and wanted a normal life. She’d been in Denver for a few weeks and needed to find a job when she saw the ad for Club de Fleurs. She wasn’t sure what kind of club it was but for what they were paying she didn’t care as long as she didn’t have to strip. Then her car broke down in one of the worst rain storms of the season and Tim Robbins found her. How lucky could she be, this yummy man also worked at the club. Driving her to her interview, Tim vowed not to let this one go.  When he found out the trouble she was having, he moved her into his house to keep her safe. Then her ex found her at the club. Would Tim be in time to save her?