Burning for the Billionaire 3

author:Hope Paris Genre:billionaireromance|erotic|romance Last update time:2022/7/22 11:51:52

From burning desire to a broken heart...


I thought I was ready to give Rowan everything... including my virginity. But then I make a shocking discovery. Is Rowan really who he says he is, or is he hiding something from me? And who’s the strange woman who shows up at his apartment?


I’ve tasted Grace once, and I want more – but I also want to make sure our budding relationship doesn’t end in disaster. I couldn’t bear to break her heart... but I just can’t keep myself away from her.

One night together has Grace craving Rowan more than ever, but he continues to be shrouded in mystery. And when she makes a huge discovery, she fears he’s been playing her all along. Rowan can’t make sense of the whirlwind of feelings he has for Grace. He can’t see a future for them... but he’s determined to make their relationship work.

Can Grace uncover the truth behind the mysterious and enigmatic Rowan Cavanaugh? Or will she run away with a broken heart?