You’re Mine

author:S.E. Law Genre:romance Last update time:2022/8/3 13:37:52

A Secret Baby Second Chance Romance He’s huge, growly, and takes what he wants. And oh yeah, he left me pregnant with his son seven years ago. Jace and I were sweethearts during high school. He was the proverbial bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks: hardened, fierce, with rough, strong hands, perfect lips, and a devastating need to claim. The man was huge. Irresistible. … and all mine. But Jace left our small town to seek his fortune in the big city, leaving me pregnant from our steamy encounters stolen at midnight. Now he’s back and the minute he sees our son’s blue eyes, every cell in his body turns insanely possessive. He’s back to take what’s his. To claim what belongs only to him. To brand me as his with a searing kiss. And god help me, but I want to give him everything. Jace isn’t going away because with two fierce words, the man has made this much clear: you’re mine. Craving an alpha AF, growly bad boy with a sinful stare and a taste for curvy women? Love secret babies and single dads with a crazy-as-hell possessive streak? Then click READ for a book that will spontaneously combust in your inbox. Reader beware. Not responsible for Kindles that shortcircuit. As with all my books, this one is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.