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You’re Mine S.E. Law 2022/8/3 13:37:43

He goes back to eating his breakfast and acting like I didn’t just tell him I was pregnant.

“Yes, Haley.” He smiles, like the cat’s out of the bag. Okay, my fiancé would definitely not make a good actor.

“Well, first I’d like to thank you for proposing. It was honestly the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced and you made a gorgeous meal too.”

“But actually, I have an announcement of my own. You remember when I went to the doctor about a week ago because I was sleeping so much? Well, it turns out that I’m pregnant. How about that? Are you ready to be a papa for the second time?”

Jace looks at me oddly.

“That was your prepared speech?”

“Um, yes? I didn’t really have a speech, to tell you the truth.”

Honestly, I didn’t have anything prepared and suddenly I feel bad. Jace went to all this trouble to propose, and I merely blurted out I was pregnant. But then a huge smile breaks out over his face.

“Oh Haley, what am I going to do with you? I love you so much, baby girl, and I’m elated that we’re going to have a second baby.” He comes over, kneeling down in front of me. He puts his hand on my belly, lightly, rubbing it.

“So he’s already in there, growing?” I nod.

“You’re not going to feel anything except for that weird breakfast croque thing, which was very good by the way. The baby won’t start kicking until around somewhere between sixteen and twenty-five weeks.”

“Like week three or four?” I can already tell Jace is going to be a little crazy during this pregnancy. This is my second one, so I feel like a pro, but Jace? He’ll be running in circles the entire time, I can already tell. I’ll do my best to reassure him, but there’s only so much you can do for a sort-of first time father.

“Okay, I can wait. And it’ll be,” he counts on his fingers, “thirty-five weeks until the baby’s here.” Jace gets up and beings pacing. “I can’t wait, but there’s so much to do. I mean, we’re going to have to buy some stuff to get ready, and there’s also daycare to plan, schools to look at, and we need a stroller pronto. What else are we going to need to get?”

Thinking it’s a question for me, I begin to answer, but Jace just leaves. I don’t know what to do, so I stay seated. He’s back pretty quickly with a notebook in hand.

“I’m going to write this down.” He uncaps the pen and gets to scribbling. “We’ll need a crib, obviously. Baby monitor, diapers, stroller, that baby bag thing, and the harness you wear on your back and maybe one for the front, too.” Jace continues to list things, and it gets pretty extensive. I want to tell him you can’t prepare for a baby, but every father has to find out for himself.

“We’ll have to tell Jamie,” he suddenly exclaims. I’d already thought of this. He’s been getting along well with his schoolmates, but a new baby will change the whole dynamic.

“We do, but can we agree that when we do tell him, we’ll get the announcement right?” Every big announcement we’ve made hasn’t gone down as planned and I giggle with the memory.

“Yes, yes. We’ll plan it. You know what I need? A separate notebook. This one will be for the new baby and the second one will be for Jamie. We can write down stuff regarding each kid, so we don’t mess up as much.” I’m about to stop him because we don’t need to get so crazy, but Jace is in and out of the kitchen with another notebook before I can tell him anything about it.

My soon-to-be husband is scribbling like there is no tomorrow. I don’t want to break his flow, so I keep eating the delicious spread he’s put out for me. After all, I’m happy that he’s happy. It’s endearing how Jace is going nuts at the prospect of a new baby, when I already know everything is going to be alright.

But then Jace looks up with a gleam to his blue eyes.

“I’m losing it, aren’t I?” he asks.

“Uh-huh,” I nod, swallowing another spoonful of peanut butter straight from the jar. “But I love it.”

He comes over, prowling like a giant tiger.

“How about I show you how much I appreciate you, sweetheart? For giving me a baby, with another on the way?”

My pussy moistens as my body heats.

“And how would you like to show me, Mr. King? What were you thinking?” I ask coyly.

Fortunately, my fiancé has always been inventive and he helps me to my feet before pushing down on my back so that I’m bent forward with my hands braced on the edge of the table. He inches my negligee up until my bare pussy peeps out, pink and already wet.