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You’re Mine S.E. Law 2022/8/3 13:37:43

“Let me give you a kiss,” he growls in back of me. “The kind that you’re going to remember.”

I sigh in anticipation, which quickly escalates into a squeal. Jace is kissing me, but it’s a special type of kiss. It’s a touch meant only for lovers, and as his lips lick deeply at my twat, I exhale with pleasure.

“Oh god,” is my helpless moan. “More.”

My fiancé laps at my pussy before moving up to my back hole and slowly dipping his tongue inside.

“Fuck you’re so tight,” he growls. “So fucking small and ready for me all the time.” It’s true because he whips out his cock and in the next second, it happens. Jace eases that huge pole into my pussy and I’m breathless from his size.

“Oh god!” I cry out, lifted onto my tippytoes from the unbearable stretch. “Oh fuck, you’re huge.”

He grins behind me. “That’s right, but this is just the beginning, sweetheart. Daddy’s getting lubed up for step two, don’t you worry.”

I brace myself, crying out as my pussy clenches with pleasure. Slowly, Jace eases out of my snatch and runs the tip of his dick around my anus teasingly.

“Is this where you want it, baby girl?” he croons in my ear. “Does Daddy’s little slut like it in her back door?”

And the truth is, that I do. I’ve become so uninhibited and filthy around Jace that I literally bump my ass back against him, trying to catch his dick in my anus.

“Yes, give it to me,” I pant breathlessly. “I need it.”

With a chuckle, Jace presses against my bottom hole, and groans.

“Fuck, I love how I have to work myself in each time,” he growls. “You’re so fucking small.”

I squeal a bit, my tight ring of muscle resisting. But then with a pop, my sphincter gives way, and that huge club is buried all the way in my bottom.

“Yes,” I cry as he pulls out and then pushes in again. “Take me. This is all yours.”

He growls, pumping his hips faster as my bottom is violated again and again.

“That’s right, little girl. Never forget that you belong to me because you’re mine, sweetheart.”

We cry out simultaneously as ecstasy overcomes us. Hot pleasure surges through my pussy and ass, and I dissolve into spasms of heat. My bottom milks Jace’s cock, and he roars while ejaculating hard and depositing a huge load of cum into my anal canal.

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Mewling and crying, tears fill my eyes as we fly to Heaven and burst into fragments of light, our hearts and bodies entwined. After all, this man loves me so much, just as much as I love him. I can’t take things for granted because once upon a time, we lost one another. Jace and I were apart, and spent seven years traversing the unknown. But my lover came back to save me, and I adore this man so much for everything he’s done. We can’t erase the past, but we can make a future going forwards, and together, we’ll chart a new course with peace and happiness marking the way.