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Luna of Mine (The Grey Wolves 8) Quinn Loftis 2022/8/3 13:41:27

He gave a resigned nod before he answered. “A mother feels every ounce of pain that her child feels. With every tear you cry she cries a hundred. With every crack your heart endures, hers shatters repeatedly. There is nothing that she would not do to take your suffering, nothing she would not barter, nothing she would not endure, and nothing she would not reveal even unto her own utter humiliation to remove the anguish you have withstood.”

“Where is she going?” she asked again through gritted teeth.

One in particular who had been the ambassador to their pack did not fully agree with leaving the human realm, but she has been outvoted. It was this Fae that Georgeta would be appealing to on behalf of her daughter. Petre did not agree but Alina was getting sicker by the day and she refused to watch her daughter waste away to nothing because a stubborn male would not swallow his pride and take care of his mate. Because Alina was not of age, she was still under their authority. Therefore, Georgeta technically had the right to seek out help on her behalf.

She took a deep breath before she called out loudly to the invisible barrier before her. “Perizada of the Fae, I seek your council.”

Though she came all this way, traveling in her wolf form, carrying her clothes in her mouth and running as hard as she could to get to the veil quickly, she had no guarantee that the Fae would even answer her let alone grant her request. But there was a chance. It was a possibility that Perizada would agree to help, and no matter how small that possibility, Georgeta had to try.

Several minutes past before the Veil began to shimmer. The invisible force situated between two huge trees rippled like water and out stepped a tall, slender woman with waist length white hair that shimmered as though tiny lights were attached to each silky strand. Her eyes were large and a pale green, her lips ruby red, and her cheeks high with a natural blush. She looked to be around twenty five summers, but the primeval gleam in her eyes told a different story than the young face and youthful glow. She was an ancient being, thousands of years old, and powerful. If any could help Alina, it would be her.

“It has been a long while since I have had the privilege of the company of a she-wolf.” Her voice was sultry and seductive with a slightly musical quality to it. “Georgeta Sala, mate to Petre Sala, mother of Alina Sala, and member of the Eastern Romania pack, I so name you. Why do you seek me out?”

The formal address did not surprise Georgeta. She knew it was the Fae’s way of ensuring that she could not tell a falsehood. Only a fool would try to lie to the Fae, especially to the one standing before her.

“I seek help on my daughter Alina’s behalf. She is sixteen summers and recently found her true mate. He is the new Alpha of our pack.”

Peri sucked in a breath. “Stefan and Daciana have perished?” The emotion that was evident in her voice made it clear that she cared for the Alpha pair.

“A few months ago,” Georgeta answered.

“We will return to that information once you have stated your purpose. Go on.” She motioned for her to continue.

“Vasile is much older than Alina. He is the most dominant male we have seen in a very long time, and Petre felt that they should wait to bond. Vasile agreed to wait two years. He returned to the castle and the pain of their separation was intense. Alina told me that the pain coming from his side of the bond was driving her wolf mad. She was fighting to not leave and go to him against her father’s wishes. So she asked him for space, to help them both better cope with their own pain without having to endure the other’s as well.”

A smirk stretched across the Fae’s face. “Let me guess; the new Alpha did not handle such a request with much grace?”

“That is putting it mildly,” Georgeta growled. “He has shut the bond completely. Alina knows she made a mistake in asking for the space but she is young and she was scared. She has pined for him for three months, reached through their bond attempting to get him to hear her, and begged him, and still he ignores her. She is sick. She has lost a disgusting amount of weight. I fear…,” she stopped, attempting to hold back the tears and the sob that fought to break through her words. “I fear for her life. Their bond was intense and strong from the moment they met. I do not know how much more she can endure.”

Peri’s eyes narrowed as she crossed her arms in front of her. “Though I am not a mother, I feel for you. But how does this situation concern me?”

“I wish you to break their bond completely, as if they had yet to meet. They both need to heal and mature. Vasile has a lot to deal with as the new Alpha. The pack was not as healthy as he was led to believe. His father was not well for a while before his death and the pack suffered because of it. Vasile has to make it right.”

“Do you not think that he needs his mate in order to be able to be what the pack needs? Are not the males more stable with their true mate, not to mention stronger?” Peri countered.

“When they are not being insufferable asses, yes that is true.”

Peri chuckled. “How I have missed you wolves,” she paused. “But if you repeat that I will still your tongue.”

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Georgeta waved her off not concerned with the Fae’s words. “Can you help her?”

“I could do what you ask, but I will not.” Peri’s words were not unkind but they were firm.

“Will you tell me why?” Georgeta asked as any hope she had put in Peri’s help slipped away.

“Do not look so forlorn she-wolf. Vasile may be hardheaded but he is no fool. He will not let true harm come to his mate. Yes, there will be consequences for his stubbornness but not at the price of your daughter’s life.

“The reason I will not interfere is because sometimes pain is necessary in order for great change to take place. There is great change needed in the Eastern Romania pack, and it will take Vasile being the wolf and the man the Great Luna has created him to be to cause that great change. He cannot do what is necessary, nor can your daughter if every obstacle is removed from her path.”