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Luna of Mine (The Grey Wolves 8) Quinn Loftis 2022/8/3 13:41:30

“Perizada, high fae, council member, ambassador, and protector of the gypsy healers, I seek an audience with you,” Vasile called out his deep voice bouncing off of the large tree trunks surrounding them. He was surprised when they did not have to wait long for a response.

The fae he had called stepped through the veil into their realm, and though it had been a long time since he had seen her, she looked exactly the same. She was beautiful, graceful, and captivating in the way that only fae could be. And yet for him, she did not hold a candle to his mate.

“I have been expecting you, Vasile, Alpha to the Eastern Romania pack, mate to Alina Sala, and from what I understand as dominant and dumb as ever.”

Vasile’s lips twitched with the urge to smile. He had always liked this fae, even though she tended to be abrasive and at times quite obnoxious. “As fascinating as I am sure the tale behind that declaration is, I would be much obliged if you would permit us entry into your realm before we talk. It is a matter of life and death, in particular my death.”

She crossed her arms in front of her chest and cleared her throat. “Very well, because I am quite intrigued over the many happenings that seem to be plaguing your territory, I will allow you to cross the veil. From there I make no promises, only that I will listen to your story.”

Vasile nodded. “Fair enough.” He followed her as she turned and walked back towards the veil. Though she walked on the water completely dry, Vasile and his wolves were soaked from the thighs down as they waded through to the waterfall. Yet, they stepped into the waterfall and emerged on the other side in a wooded field, completely dry.

“Now, though I could flash us to my home, I would much rather walk. So begin at the beginning, which I would assume has something to do with the death of your parents. That I will admit distresses me greatly as I had nothing but the utmost respect for them. Now begin, and keep it interesting; I am old and very little is interesting to me anymore.”

“I thought you were going to give him a full day before you pursued him,” Ivan said.

Emilian stared out the window of the office that had once been Vasile’s.? He looked out over the courtyard where only hours ago he had changed the course of his future. He was Beta no longer. He would never be second again. Today he had become Alpha and he had dethroned the last in the line of the Lupei dynasty. Now he just had to remove Vasile from the picture all together.

“I lied,” he answered simply.

“What are you going to do with him once you catch him?” Marion asked.

Turning from the window he looked at the two males who would be his Beta and his third. “I am going to do what any smart dominant does and eliminate the threat. As long as Vasile is alive, he could attempt to regain control of the pack. I will not allow that mongrel to take what is now mine.” He let out a breath, calming the anger that suddenly welled up at the thought of Vasile. “Now, I need you two to go spread the word about a pack meeting at noon tomorrow. Everyone is to attend. I want everyone to know who I am and that I am their new Alpha. Based on reactions to the announcement, I should be able to see who is still loyal to Vasile. It will be those members that we will need to keep a close eye on.”

The two wolves left to do his bidding and he was finally alone. It had been almost too easy, he thought. He finally had what he wanted and yet he could not shake the feeling that it should have been more difficult to take Vasile’s pack away from him. Vasile was an extremely dominant wolf and dominant wolves did not let go of those they considered theirs. So why had he given up so easily? Sure Emilian had threatened the lives of the unmated females, but what is a few lives compared to ruling an entire pack?

“What are you up to, Vasile?” he muttered under his breath into the empty room. Whatever it was, Emilian would be ready.

From the number of people gathered in the courtyard the next day, Emilian estimated that nearly the entire Eastern Romania pack was indeed present. He stepped forward on the steps to the front of the castle and looked out over the crowd. As more and more people began to notice him, the murmuring of voices began to grow less and less until at last it was completely silent. The air was filled with anticipation as they waited for him to speak. For a moment Emilian simply enjoyed it. He soaked up the energy that having power over others seemed to give him.

“Today is your first pack meeting under the reign of a new Alpha.” Immediately there were whispers that rippled across the crowd. “I stand before you as one who was not raised by a pair that lied to their pack for centuries. I stand before you as one who was willing to do what was necessary, no matter how difficult, for the good of the whole. From here forward we will begin to heal from the damage your former Alpha pair caused, and we will rise from the ashes like the phoenix, stronger than before.” The faces stared up at him. Some were in shock, some nodded their head in approval, some narrowed their eyes in mistrust, but all were still on their feet. He had sent out a wave of power but it had not brought them to their knees the way Anghel was capable of doing with his pack. So Emilian did the only thing he could think of to prove that he was powerful enough to lead. He knew it would not last long because as soon as Anghel realized what he was doing, the bond between Beta and Alpha would be severed. He pulled on the power of the Alpha of the Western Romania pack, something that mates could do and usually Betas as well. He felt it filling him up and as quickly as he had grabbed it, he released it over the courtyard filling it with his intent and forcing the entire pack before him to their knees.

Within a matter of seconds, the power was gone and to cover up his inability to hold them there he said, “I will not hold you on your knees before me. That is something I want you to give willingly. But I needed you to know that I am powerful enough to do it if forced.” Emilian had to prove this power in order to discourage other males from challenging him. If he showed any sign of weakness, or inability to control the dominant wolves, then he would be challenged. He was hoping that by showing that much power, then the dominant wolves would not even attempt to approach him. He could handle one or two of them, but he knew that he was not the most dominant wolf in the bunch, and in order to keep those more dominant than him from noticing, he would have to keep their attention averted from him.

“Ivan, my Beta, and Marion, my third, will be assisting in getting the villages the resources they have lacked because of Stefan’s inattention. I know that this is all a shock and that it will take time to adjust. I will be patient and I ask that you be the same.”