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Hold Tight (For You 2) Alexa Riley 2022/8/3 13:42:19

He smiles like Penelope is being funny, but she pulls back and shakes her head. “Oh shit. Here we go.”

I turn to see Royce stomping over to us, the snow cones gripped in his hands so tight all of the ice is falling off them as he gets closer. He’s trying to hang on to them as the girls are hot on his heels reaching for them, and it’s a pretty funny sight.

“Are you talking to my wife?” He says the last word like I belong to him and it should be obvious to the world.

I want to laugh at how comical it is, but I know if I do I’ll only get him angrier. Nothing sets my Royce off like someone stepping between him and his ladies. That includes our daughters.

Royce hands the girls the snow cones, and Lavender complains that half of hers is on the ground, while Sam shrugs and drinks what’s left in the cup.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’ll get you another once I get rid of this asshole.” Royce looks back to Drake, who’s already standing up and backing away.

Just then Ivan walks up, and I bury my face in my hands, groaning.

“I tried to tell him,” Penelope says in a smug voice, crossing her arms over her chest and shaking her head.

Ivan doesn’t stop once he gets to us, though. Instead, he keeps stomping toward the guy. Drake’s eyes widen with fear, and he backs away. Ivan keeps going, then Drake turns and runs. Ivan ends up chasing the guy out of the park and out of sight.

“God, I love him,” Penelope sighs, watching Ivan walk back to her.

“Come with me,” Royce says, pulling me from the blanket and taking me with him to the snow cone vendor. “Should have brought you the first time.”

The girls sit down with their aunt and uncle and finish what little they have left of their icy treat.

“Don’t get all grumpy,” I tease, wrapping my arms around him and leaning close.

“I dropped my snow cone,” he complains, and he sounds like a little boy. It’s so adorable, I start laughing.

He growls and then turns, grabbing me up and squeezing my ass.

“You’re lucky you’re hot,” I say, kissing his lips.

“Yeah, well, I’m cursed that my wife is so damn hot. Can’t keep them off of you.”

“Well, I did wear my best yoga pants,” I say, and shrug.

“I told you your ass looked too good in them.”

“Give me my smile,” I say, and he does as I ask.

He beams at me, giving me that cocky-ass grin with dimples showing. I kiss each one before I kiss his lips, and he grinds against me.

“You get turned on when you get jealous,” I mumble against his lips.

“I get turned on when I’ve got you in my arms. And you damn well know it.”

“Maybe you should remind me,” I push.

I’m not disappointed when he throws me over his shoulder and tells my sister and Ivan to take the girls home. He’s got something he needs to take care of, and it has to do with my sassy mouth.