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Fake Christmas Lexy Timms 2022/8/3 13:45:46

A hot, desperate ache rocked through her as she wrapped her arms around him and returned his kiss.

They both had secrets. Both had things they kept from the other. Right now, more than anything, she wanted to bare herself to him. Her body. Her heart. But with the secret locked away in her heart, all she had to give him now was her body. And she ached to give herself to him.

Arching her back to get closer to his hard body, she parted her lips and welcomed him in. His tongue stormed into her mouth. Dane’s kiss was bruising. Passionate.

As their tongues collided, she moaned softly. His hands wandered up her back and she never wanted him to let her go. He had managed to inspire such a primal desire in her already that she knew if she didn’t have him now she would explode.

She pulled away to abruptly end the kiss. “Take me inside.”

The darkness in his eyes had disappeared, and in its place was an inferno. Wordlessly, he took her hand in his and they rushed across the sand.

When they got back inside the villa, he stopped in the living room and wrapped his arms around her waist. The living room was in complete disarray. Christmas ornaments and decorations were strewn across the floor. But Dane didn’t even notice. All his focus was on her. That look in his eyes...

“Here?” she breathed out. “You want me here?”

“If that’s what you want.” He caressed her cheek, his eyes meeting hers.

It was what she wanted. Oh, damn, it was. “What about Mrs. McKenzie? And the rest of the staff? We might get caught out here—”

“After you left, I told them to go home early.” He leaned forward and whispered into her ear, “It’s just us.”

Which was what he seemed to want so much.

That turned her on even more. Made the secret place between her thighs wet. Being wanted like this always excited her. His desire for her was so intoxicating. She craved him so intensely. So desperately.

He was right. There was no way she could make it upstairs. No way she could bother to even wait for them to get out of their clothes.

“I want you right now. Right here.” She pulled him to her until her back was up against a wall.

She lifted the hem of her dress, dragging the fabric up her thighs.

His huge hands traveled up her thighs until they stopped at the waistband of her panties.

Anticipation made her inhale sharply. When he tugged her panties down her legs, her whole body trembled. Desire coursed through her.

Reaching down, she undid the button of his pants and unzipped him.

The sight of his massive erection made her mouth water. She licked her lips and took the length of him in her hand.

He jerked back in surprise, and then grinned wickedly. “Minx.” His lips found hers again and he kissed her deeply. Ran his tongue across her teeth and probed her mouth.

When he released her mouth, he asked raggedly, “Are you ready?”

“More than ready.” Her voice was breathless with longing. All she wanted now was to have him between her legs.

She lifted her leg and hooked it around his waist to give him better access to her. He gripped her waist to steady himself. Then, with one quick, powerful stroke, he guided himself into her tight, slick heat.

The pleasure was exquisite. A cry escaped her throat, and he started to thrust rhythmically into her. Her heart was racing. She might have been holding back a piece of her heart, but right now all control was gone. Giving herself over to him completely already felt so good.

She clenched around him, making him groan loudly. Wrapping her arms around him, she clung to him tightly. As he pumped into her, ecstasy already had her panting. Gasping for breath with each stroke into her.

He pounded into her, her back slamming against the wall. She moaned his name loudly, and came hard and fast.

Dane came right after her, breathing so heavily she could hear each intake of breath.

The pleasure had made her turn to molten lead. She could barely stand. When she collapsed against him he hoisted her up, crossed the room, and gently set her down on the sofa. Then he zipped his pants back up and sat down beside her.

Still breathing heavily, he turned to face her. “I think you’ve tired me out.”

Allyson laughed. “Sorry if I distracted you from your work.” She gestured at all the Christmas decorations on the floor.