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A White Wedding Christmas Andrea Laurence 2022/8/3 13:46:19

While Colin watched, she unclasped her bra and tossed it aside, leaving nothing on but her panties. His eyes stayed glued to her as he unfastened his pants and slipped them off with his briefs. He pulled away long enough to retrieve a condom from the bedside stand before he climbed onto the bed.

The heat of his body skimmed over hers. He hovered there, kissing her as one hand roamed across her stomach. It brushed the edge of her panties, slipping beneath to dip his fingers between her thighs. Natalie arched off the bed, gasping before meeting his lips once more. He stroked her again and again, building a tension inside her that she was desperate to release.

Colin waited until she was on the very edge, then he retreated, leaving her panting and dissatisfied. “Just a few more minutes,” he reassured her with a teasing grin.

He moved down her body, pulling the panties over her hips and along the length of her legs as he moved. Tossing them aside, he sheathed himself and pressed her thighs apart. He nestled between them and positioned himself perfectly to stroke her core as his hips moved forward and back. He rebuilt the fire in her belly, then, looking her in the eye, shifted his hips and thrust into her.

Natalie cried out, clawing at the blankets beneath her. He started slow, clenching his jaw with restraint, then began moving faster. She drew her legs up, wrapping them around his hips as they flexed, eliciting a low groan deep in Colin’s throat.

“Yes,” Natalie coaxed as he moved harder and faster inside her.

The release he’d teased at before quickly built up inside her again and this time, she knew she would get what she wanted. She gripped his back, feeling the knot tighten in her belly. “Please,” she said.

“As you wish.” He thrust hard, grinding his pelvis against her sensitive parts until she screamed out.

“Colin!” she shouted as the tiny fire bursts exploded inside her. Her release pulsated through her whole body, her muscles tightening around him as she shuddered and gasped.

Thrusting again, Colin buried his face in her neck and poured himself into her. “Oh, Natalie,” he groaned into her ear.

The sound of her name on his lips sent a shiver down her spine. She wrapped her arms around him as he collapsed against her. She gave him a few minutes to rest and recover before she pushed at his shoulders. “Come on,” she said.

“Come where?” He frowned.

“To the shower. You and I are just getting started. I’ve got fourteen years to make up for.”

Colin was making coffee downstairs the next morning when he heard the heavy footsteps of a sleepy Natalie coming down the stairs. He peeked around the corner in time to see her stumble onto the landing. She’d pulled her messy hair into a ponytail and was wearing her professional office attire, but it was rumpled and definitely looked like a day-two ensemble for her.

He watched as she hesitated at the bottom of the stairs. She looked around nervously, almost like she was searching for an exit route. Was she really trying to sneak out without him seeing her? Yes, there wasn’t anything serious between them, but she didn’t need to flee the scene of the crime. She started slinking toward the front door, but he wasn’t about to let her off so easily.

“Good morning, Natalie,” he shouted.

She stiffened at the sound of his voice, and then reluctantly turned and followed the noise toward the kitchen. “Good morning,” she said as she rounded the corner.

He loved seeing this unpolished version of her. With her wrinkled clothes, her mussed-up hair and day-old makeup, it was a far cry from the superprofessional and sleek wedding planner at the chapel. It reminded him of just how she’d gotten so messy and made him want to take her back upstairs to see what more damage he could do to her perfect appearance in the bedroom.

From the skittish expression on her face, he doubted he’d get the chance. Last night was likely a one-time event, so he’d have to be content with that. Instead, Colin returned to pouring the coffee he’d made into a mug for each of them. “How do you take your coffee? I have raw sugar, fake sugar, whole milk and hazelnut creamer. Oh, and getting it in a go-cup isn’t an option, by the way.”

She smiled sheepishly, clearly knowing she’d been caught trying to make a quick getaway. “I promise not to drink on the run. A splash of milk and a spoonful of raw sugar, please.”

He nodded and worked on making her the perfect cup. “Would you like to have coffee downstairs or on the deck?”