A Perfect Wreck

author:Mila Crawford, Aria Cole Genre:romance Last update time:2022/8/3 13:47:04

Asa Dashen and Callie Langdon have known each other their whole lives. He’s the all-American boy-next-door, and she’s the fearless daredevil with looks that could break any boy’s heart. Asa has always felt the pull, but he keeps Callie at a distance due to their age difference. Since she’s his little sister’s best friend, Asa protects her as if she were his own family. But when Callie grows up and demands her first kiss, Asa realizes he can no longer hide his feelings for her. Then when Callie leaps ahead and pledges her virginity to him, Asa realizes he’s a goner and would give his heart and soul to this firecracker on a mission. Soon Asa is called away to war, and Callie works just as hard on the home front to accomplish her dreams. When Asa returns home a wounded soldier in need of care, Callie is waiting and dedicated to his recovery. Their childhood crush has grown into an urgent flame—a flame that can no longer be pacified with an innocent kiss. With obstacles no longer keeping them apart, can these childhood sweethearts withstand the test of time and honor their promises?