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A Perfect Wreck Mila Crawford, Aria Cole 2022/8/3 13:46:53

He kisses my nose and forehead, pulls my head to his chest.

“I want to be with you more than anything, Callie. But I want you to be sure too. I’m prepared to take it slow or wait, whatever you’re comfortable with. I’m game.”

I step back out of the hug so I can look into his eyes.

“I want to fuck. I want you inside me. I want you to take my virginity because I’ve been waiting my whole life to give it to you.”

Asa’s eyes burn with my words. He grabs me the way I want him to and steals my mouth in a swift, possessive kiss.

“Holy Christ, Callie. I’ve got a brain injury. Making all my dreams come true fucks with my sanity.” But he’s smiling when he tells me. Asa happy and excited makes my heart bounce.

I slam through the double doors like I own the place. I sign Mr. and Mrs. Smith on the attendance sheet at the table manned by two extremely bored kids who barely look up from their phones.

“Gymnasium is to the left after the first set of doors,” says the kid with braces. The other, with messy hair, stamps the backs of our hands with red ink.

I pull Asa alongside me, and my heart pounds with every step on the floor of my old stomping grounds. I feel the same energy run through Asa’s arm and into my body where we connect. Our chemistry is the strongest force of nature I’ve ever felt in my life. We pass the gym, and a pang of guilt squeezes my chest. Not because we’re breaking the law or missing the practice, but because we’re reliving a sacred moment from our past. I’m sad for the hardships we’ve both been through and the moments we’ve lost not being together. This is my way of rewriting our history—acting out what we could have done were it not for the restrictions of age and who we were.

We stop walking when we get to the spot outside the restrooms where I told him to kiss me. My heart, however, ignores the message to slow down.

“Asa, kiss me,” I tell him. Closing my eyes, I feel my skin prickle in anticipation all over my body. Asa sets his big, warm hands on my bare shoulders and moves them down to grip my biceps.

“Callie, open your eyes. I need to see you.”

My eyes pop open, and Asa is looking at me with an expression of equal parts burning lust and great affection. He caresses my chin as his gaze smolders and darkens.

“Do what you wanted to do to me then, but couldn’t.”

I don’t need to say more. Asa yanks down my lower lip and engulfs my entire mouth, nearly knocking me off my feet. His tongue meets mine in passion as he lays claim to my lips. I can’t keep up with his recklessness, so I submit to let him ravish my mouth. He tongue-fucks me until I’m practically gushing between my legs.

“Please touch me,” I whimper.

“Not here,” he groans, his voice gone completely husky.

Asa dips into the girls’ restroom and motions me in. He peeks under the stalls to make sure we’re alone and then quickly locks the door behind us.

“Off!” I say. Asa flips the switch, and the room goes completely black. “On!” I yelp, and we’re once again bathed in light. Harsh, unforgiving fluorescent light, but I’m past giving a fuck.

Asa seduces my neck again, and I feel like I’ll orgasm in my panties from the sensuous attack. He bites and tugs, licks and nuzzles, until I’m dizzy and can’t think straight. I never knew the neck could be such an erogenous zone, but the way Asa kisses me makes me embarrassed about the gathering slickness between my legs.

“I’m so wet,” I moan as Asa continues the onslaught on my sensitive collarbone. Gooseflesh has arisen all over my body, and the euphoria this high brings me is better than any drug.

“Let me see,” he says before sliding a hand down over the skirt of my dress and lifting it up. I gasp at the tickle of his gentle but determined touch.

Asa pulls my panties aside and slips a long finger inside me. I hold my breath at the sensation, which is both welcome and shockingly invasive. He gently fucks his finger in and out of my slick hole.

“So wet, Cal. So tiny. This isn’t going to fit in there.” Asa grabs the outline of his enormous erection through his jeans. I feel faint at the idea of him penetrating me, but my body doesn’t because it releases another gush of moisture between my legs. My pussy is so hungry, it seems to pulsate around the slow stroke of his finger.

Asa pushes me back until my ass hits the sink. I put both hands on the basin for support. After removing his finger, he’s back at my neck again, but this time, he pulls down the top of my dress until my breasts spring free.