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A Perfect Wreck Mila Crawford, Aria Cole 2022/8/3 13:46:53

He cups them in his hands and brushes the pads of his thumbs over my aching nipples, which harden in response. I moan and then cover my mouth, embarrassed by the sounds his touch elicits from me.

“God, you’re even more perfect than I imagined,” Asa says. He ducks his head and sucks my erect nipple into his mouth. Alternating between both breasts, he scrapes his teeth along the swells, sucks the pebbled buds ruthlessly, and then flicks the hardened nubs with his tongue until I’m nothing more than a puddle of quivering flesh.

“Hop up on the sink, Callie. I want to taste you before I fuck you.”

I hop onto the sink, looking down at my silly gown. Part of me feels like I’m only fifteen again and being naughty by giving my dream boy every single thing he wants.

Asa kneels, and his head disappears under my dress. When his mouth makes contact with my tortured pussy, a full-body shudder seizes me. I’m afraid I’ll come too soon and ruin everything.

“I don’t want to come yet!” I holler. My voice quakes with my body as Asa delves his tongue inside me as far as it will go. He thrusts it ceaselessly until my head falls back, and I grip the edge of the sink with everything I’m worth.

“Come in my mouth, baby girl,” he says against my sensitive lips. I can feel his stubble there, and the sensation causes me to shiver.

“I don’t think I can let go.” No sooner do the words leave my mouth then Asa is attacking my clit with soft strokes of his tongue. His hand creeps up from inside the dress, and when he reaches my breasts, he grabs a nipple, twists, and squeezes. His tongue never stops loving my tight little bud.

I grind my hips into his face as I come in his mouth. The tremors grip my entire body, and my arms shake from holding my body in place. I can’t seem to come down from the orgasm; I had no idea they could last this long. Asa’s tongue lingers inside me, and he laps at the aftershocks that streak through my body. Every time he pinches my tender nipples, the orgasm resurfaces, and I cry out into the echo chamber of the ladies’ bathroom.

Finally, when my chin hits my chest and I close my eyes, Asa stands up. I’m delirious, and he’s the hottest man to ever grace this earth. His face is flushed, and his cock is so swollen and stiff in his jeans, it looks painful. He unzips his jeans and releases a cock that looks like it was made for magazines. It’s too big to fit inside of me, but my pussy still clenches at the sight of it.

He starts to stroke himself just looking at me, and the effect is like an aphrodisiac. My body responds by asking for more, when I was pretty sure I was finished for life.

“I can just jerk off looking at you. We can save the rest for another day.”

Asa is kind. He’s sweet and understanding. However, I came here on a mission.

“Will it fit inside of me?”

“Oh yeah. I’ll make sure of it.”

Callie is flushed and pink, eyes glazed from coming so hard. Her little dress is bunched at her waist, leaving her gorgeous tits exposed to me. It’s pulled up so her thighs are also exposed, already raw from rubbing. Seeing Callie looking thoroughly fucked only causes my libido to surge to unknown heights. I stroke my cock that seems to grow bigger as I move closer to her body.

Her mouth. Christ, that mouth. Pouty, stained red from the lipstick. Her green eyes zero in on me as she’s about to give me her innocence. I grab the back of her neck and run my fingers through her long blond hair. My cock stands erect and presses into my belly. I keep one hand on my balls as I kiss her neck until she’s moaning.

Lifting her skirt all the way, I settle myself between her legs. With one hand, I spread her wetness around before rubbing the head of my dick at her opening. I massage her clit with the sensitive tip of my cock.

“If it hurts, you tell me. If you want me to pull out, it’s okay.”

She nods. Both her arms are looped around my neck, and her fingers are interlocked behind my head before she starts to massage them into my hair.

“We don’t have to fuck.”

“Fuck me.” Her head falls back again.

Callie has always been a girl who knows what she wants. I won’t deny her request if this is what she wants her first time to be like.

I slide the head of my cock into her channel and simultaneously slip one hand under her ass for leverage. Not only is she incredibly tight but her hymen is still intact, and I’ll have to tear it to penetrate her all the way. I’m ready to come just from how her muscles are wrapping around my dick like a fist. Reaching down, I gently massage her clit to keep the lubrication coming. Callie produces more than enough in that department. I latch on to her nipple and suckle at her perky breasts. Her low, keening moans of pleasure almost make me go off before I’m all the way in. I lift her ass off the sink so I can get a better angle to push forward and through. Callie’s chest and neck are splattered with red streaks from my passionate assault on her neck. I’m about to take even more of her if she can handle it.