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A Perfect Wreck Mila Crawford, Aria Cole 2022/8/3 13:46:53

“Callie, baby, I have to break you to get it in. You want to feel my dick all the way inside you, or should we just continue like this? I can come just touching you like this.”

Her hands are braced again on the sides of the sink, thighs spread in front of me. She looks so fucking delectable, I might come just from watching her.

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“Oh no, Asa, please. I want you inside me all the way. I’ve waited so long for you to take me like this.”

I cradle her ass in one hand so I can tilt her pelvis if I need. Pushing forward gently, I feel the barrier give way. I’m so crazy with lust for how she saved this for me—how I’m the first to give her this feeling, to fill her up this way. It takes all my self-control not to thrust and fuck into her tight little cunt, but I know I need to let her adjust, allow her muscles to relax and catch up.

“Baby, I’m inside you,” I whisper into her ear. Then I nip the shell of her ear and take control of her neck again. The tiny nips on her neck have her core moistening again. Her muscles are accommodating to my size, but I can also feel them tensing. Her body wants to get fucked; her pussy is hungry for my cock. I stay still, fully seated inside her until Callie begins to move her hips on her own. She sucks my bottom lip into her mouth and crushes her forehead to mine as she gently grinds and rotates her sexy hips. It’s her very first time riding a dick. She whimpers and mewls as I slowly drag my heavy cock out of her channel and shove it back to the hilt again. I fuck into her gently as I know she’ll be sore from both the length and the girth.

My fingers find her clit so I can massage her into another orgasm, and this time, she can come on my cock. I get a good rhythm going fucking into her sweet, tight slit while I stroke her hard bud. Ducking my head, I latch on to a nipple and suck hard. Callie starts to come apart on my dick. She tips her head back and moans as her muscles milk my length like they’re trying to swallow it whole. I stroke steadily in and out of her until my balls hit the sink. Gone are any precautions for tenderness and discretion, replaced outright and fully by my need to fuck the hell out of this pussy. To come inside her, claim and mark her as my own.

Callie’s muscles spasm, and I feel every pull of her inner walls thanks to such a tight fit. She moans as she comes, a low growl in her throat, and the sound of it obliterates my reserve until I’m blowing my load into her, spurting off like I never have before. She shudders around me as the orgasmic waves rock her body. I stay poised and hard inside her until every last drop is squeezed from my dick.

“Holy shit.” I brush Callie’s long locks out of her face and swipe at the smudged makeup under her eyes with my thumb. There’s nothing to be done about those swollen, sinful, stained ruby-red lips. We both look like we just had a good fuck.

When I finally pull out of her, she studies with great interest where our bodies were joined together, how a crimson trickle of blood appears as it slides down my massive dick.

“How long do we have to wait until we can do it again?”

I smile at Callie and wet some paper towels to help clean her up. Grabbing her around the chest, I heave her up and set her down gently on the floor.

“As soon as you can walk again.”

She saunters away, dress falling into place to cover her perfect, round ass.

God, this woman will be the fucking end of me.

Asa is nervous. I know he’s capable of getting into his marine regalia by himself. In fact, he can do pretty much everything he did before his injury—so in that sense, he really doesn’t need me. But his nerves are shot. Crosby and Weston had to move up their wedding because everyone was terrified of Jim not making it to June. While Asa would have been ready to walk Crosby down the aisle, it’s better this way. Like this, they’ll have the memories and the pictures, and Jim Dashen will get to live out his dream of giving his daughter away. Asa is in his dress blues, wide white belt with the gold buckle, and his medals displayed proudly on his chest.

“When are you going to get dressed?” When Asa’s anxious, he has the cutest tic of sitting and then standing.