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A Perfect Wreck Mila Crawford, Aria Cole 2022/8/3 13:46:47

“Wait, wait, wait, hold up, Callie. Hold up a minute. You can’t plan your life out like that,” I admonished her. Instead of quitting while I was ahead, I grabbed her chin between my thumb and forefinger and used the toilet paper to tug the scarlet paint off her succulent lips.

“Not everybody’s life is perfect, Asa. Not everybody has a great family. I like to plan ahead because I don’t like surprises. They’re never good.” She relaxed under my touch, and I continued to clean her face as she sobered up from her hysteria.

“Don’t put so many expectations on yourself. It can only lead to disappointment. Your first kiss shouldn’t be planned. It should be so spontaneous that you absolutely cannot stop it from happening. Like a meteor strike, a car crash on an icy road, a bowling ball rolling on course toward a triangle of waiting pins.” I kept my thumb on her plump bottom lip. Her eye contact was hypnotizing, those green eyes inescapable.

“My first kiss should be like a car crash?” she asked me. Her bottom lip trembled ever so slightly under my thumb.

“Fate. Destiny. Wait and see how the cards line up.” She was so close, I was inhaling nothing but her powdery scent. More witchcraft. The young woman was pure sorcery.

She closed her eyes. Parted her lips.

“Asa, kiss me,” she whispered.

The vulnerability of the moment split my rib cage in half. I physically ached as my instinct and moral compass were knocked askew and dragged through the mud.

“Fast, before it’s too late.” Her eyes were still closed, chin tipped up in anticipation.

To do it was so very wrong. But rejecting her could wound her just as deep. My cock pressed into the zipper of my pants on a mission for release.

Her blood-red lips were worth all the fucking heartbreak.

My ride home was excruciatingly painful. Not just because of the blue balls heavy between my legs and the need to jerk off immediately, but also coupled with the fear and guilt that I’d really blown it. Callie would run and tell Crosby, and Crosby would never forgive me. If they told my parents, I was toast. If they told her parents, I’d expect a visit from Dean with fists and a summons. I don’t know why I couldn’t stop myself. Maybe it was all that talk about fate and destiny. But Callie was my every fantasy come true. I’d never witnessed a more gorgeous face, delectable body, or infuriating personality that drove me crazy in exactly the right way. Callie was so sassy, so determined, so single-minded. She was fearless too, just like Crosby. The two of them were a duo straight out of hell. I’d die an early death from all the stress their rebellion brought me.

God, Callie was sinfully sweet. Those lips would be the end of me—the start and finish of my every sexual fantasy. Once I was in the hot shower for the second time that night, I fisted my dick and imagined taking the kiss further by sticking my tongue into her mouth. I pictured pulling down her strapless white dress and worshiping her breasts. In my mind, I was sucking her nipples when I blew my load into my own hand.

I sudsed up with soap and washed away the potent guilt—which was nearly as strong as the desire also battling with my will. Callie was off-limits. She was my little sister’s best friend. Way too young for me and an all-around bad decision. A bad choice I apparently had absolutely no control over making.

I spent the next ten minutes after he walked away just catching my breath. I rested my back up against the hallway tiles, letting them cool my shoulders and tone down my raging blush. I touched my lips with my fingers and wondered if that enchanted interaction had actually happened or if I was the victim of a very overactive imagination. Sure, I’d pictured myself kissing Asa Dashen before. Who hadn’t? But he was an asshole. An asshole who constantly picked on me, bossed me around, and lorded over me with his meager seniority. He acted like my dad, and he wasn’t even related to me. All that aside, his firm, determined lips pressing gently over mine had me spinning and my heart feeling effervescent in my chest—like it would bubble up out of me and float away for how light and free it suddenly was. My whole life stretched out before me like an inviting challenge I finally felt like I could live up to. What seemed daunting before paled in comparison to Asa’s kiss. Stupid-ass Logan was not going to ruin my night. I would treasure this moment forever as an awakening, a breaking point, a new beginning from which I would never come back.