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Giving My All to You Sheryl Lister 2022/8/3 13:47:32

“Uh-oh, I recognize that look,” Justin said from the doorway.

“What look? I’m just thinking about a new proposal to present at the meeting.” Brandon glanced over at the wall clock, stood and gathered his papers. “You coming?”

“After you.” As they entered the conference room down the hall, Justin asked, “So, how’s Faith?”

“She’s good, healing.”

“That’s what I thought. Like I said, ‘the look.’” And he walked away.

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He didn’t have any look. Justin didn’t know what he was talking about. Brandon shook his head, got a cup of coffee and took a seat. The meeting started as usual with updates from each department.

“Mr. Gray, are you and Mr. Whitcomb still planning to step down at the end of the month?” someone asked from the other side of the room.

Brandon’s jaw tightened.

Brandon’s father and uncle shared a look before his father spoke. “Brandon’s transition to CEO will be delayed for another few weeks. There are a couple of loose ends Thad and I need to tie up first, then we will proceed as planned.”

Siobhan asked, “Is it something we can help with?”

“I appreciate the offer, but we have it under control. Rest assured this is nothing that will affect the running of the company in any way.”

She gave Brandon a look that said “I tried.”

There were a few more updates, and then Brandon gave his. He also presented the idea of having interns and conducting entrepreneur workshops for teens, which was well received. At the end of the meeting, he left the room without talking to anyone, still annoyed by whatever was delaying his takeover as CEO.

After lunch, Siobhan knocked and entered. “You okay?”

She sat across from him. “I went to Daddy’s office and tried to get some information, but he is seriously closemouthed on this. I’m even more curious as to what’s going on. He’s never been like this when it comes to business.”

“Exactly. Which is why I’m worried.” Had this been something pertaining to family business, Brandon wouldn’t have batted an eye because their parents had kept details about certain things from them until the right time.

“Well, he did reiterate that this doesn’t affect you getting the job, just in case someone thinks they have a shot. So, that should make you feel better.”

“Maybe. But something just feels off about this. I know what Dad said, but somehow, I know this is going to have an impact on me and how I do my job.”

Siobhan shrugged. “Mom might know something. You can always ask her at dinner on Sunday.”

He let out impatient sigh. “Yeah, right. You know good and well Mom isn’t going to betray any secrets.”

“True.” She waved a hand. “Enough about that. I heard you were still visiting that woman from the accident. Are you two getting serious?”

Brandon planned to punch Justin on sight. “No. She’s just visiting LA and will only be here for a couple of weeks.”

“Since she doesn’t know anyone here, you should bring her to the family dinner on Sunday.”

His eyes widened. “Oh, hell no!”

“Goodness, Brandon,” she said with a chuckle. “No need to bite my head off. It was just a suggestion.” She stood and walked to the door. “See you later.”

Brandon shook his head. No way would he take Faith to that dinner. That would be tantamount to making a statement. And he wasn’t. They were just enjoying each other until she left for Portland. No ties. No commitments. Just the way he liked it.

Tuesday evening, Faith sat on bed in her hotel room flipping through the channels, but didn’t find anything that remotely interested her. As she reached for the book on her nightstand, her cell rang. “Hi, Daddy,” she said when she picked up.

“How are you feeling, sweet baby girl?”

Faith smiled at the name her stepfather always called her. “I’m doing okay. My face and head don’t hurt anymore, but my arm is still sore, especially when I try to lift it over my head.” She cradled the phone against her ear and adjusted the blanket across her legs with her left hand.