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Giving My All to You Sheryl Lister 2022/8/3 13:47:39

“Is everything okay?”

Brandon frowned. “Yeah, why?”

“I don’t know. I heard something in your voice.”

He studied her. What did that mean? He hadn’t heard anything. And only two other people could read him that well—Khalil and Siobhan. But they’d known him his whole life. How could this woman whom he’d met a month ago seem to know him so well?

“It sounded like you were bothered by something, that’s all.”

He leaned his head against the back of the sofa and closed his eyes briefly. Maybe talking to her would help. “There’s some work stuff going on that has me frustrated.”

She scooted off his lap and onto the sofa. “You’re not in danger of losing your job, are you?” she asked with concern.

“No, nothing like that.”

Something like relief crossed her features. “I’m really glad to hear that. I didn’t want you taking off for me to cause you trouble. Are you having problems with your boss?”

Brandon hesitated a beat. “Actually, I’m the boss and will be taking over as CEO of the company at the end of the month.”

Faith angled her head. Her eyebrows knit in confusion. “Excuse me, but exactly how is that frustrating? Most people would kill to be in your position. Unless you don’t want the job,” she added.

“Oh, I want it. I’ve worked my butt off for seventeen years waiting to get it. And now some unknown person is going to come in and be second-in-command.” He wished he knew something…anything about this guy. All prospective employees went through a routine background check, but Brandon planned to be more thorough this time.

“I still don’t understand.”

“I expected to run the company solo, and that’s how I want it. I just learned that a person who hasn’t spent one day at this company is to be my right hand. I don’t have the time or inclination to train someone to do a job he doesn’t deserve and one I can do alone.”

“So, from what you’re saying, the current CEO is bringing in a person to be your second-in-command, right?”

“But, you’ll be the CEO, so even if this person is there, you will still have the last word on any decisions.” Faith shrugged. “And who knows, he may have something to contribute.”

That wasn’t what Brandon wanted to hear. “So, I’m supposed to just welcome this person in and let him decide the future of my company?”

She lifted a brow. “You don’t need to get so snippy, Brandon. All I’m saying is you should try to give this guy a chance before you decide his worth.” She smiled. “Obviously, the current CEO thinks he’s okay, so maybe it won’t be so bad.” She reached for his hand.

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Faith slowly came to her feet and glared at him. “What I don’t understand is your attitude.” She strode across the room and opened the door. “Maybe you should leave.”

Brandon scrubbed a hand down his face. He hadn’t meant to take out his anger and irritation on her. “Faith, I—”

He opened his mouth to apologize.

She held up a hand. “Leave. Please.”

Rather than dig himself into a deeper hole, he sighed with regret and did as she asked. This was exactly why he kept his dating life fluid—two or three dates and move on—and the expectations stated up front. That way feelings and emotions never came into play. Brandon had no idea how this thing with Faith had gotten so out of hand. Instead of the short fling they’d agreed upon, something else was growing and he couldn’t make it stop. However, he did owe Faith an apology. He just hoped she’d give him the chance.

Friday, Faith sat staring at her computer screen. She had been working on the same page for over two hours, but couldn’t concentrate for more than a few minutes. Brandon’s sharp words played over and over in her head. And no matter how much she tried to deny it, she’d been hurt by them. Pushing her feelings aside, she refocused on updating the events page for one of her clients. She had only been working five minutes when her cell rang. Hoping it wasn’t Brandon, she picked up the phone and relaxed upon seeing Kathi’s name.