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Giving My All to You Sheryl Lister 2022/8/3 13:47:46

“I guess he did well for himself after leaving the military. But it’s not…” Her mother trailed off.

“It’s not what, Mom?”

“Nothing. I’ve interfered enough where Thad is concerned. You’re an adult, so it’ll be your decision. Are you going to take it? You’ll certainly be set in your career.”

“I don’t know anything about home safety and I already have a career.”

“Girl, please. You graduated from high school with a 4.3 grade point average, and college with a 4.0. Don’t tell me you couldn’t learn everything you needed to know. What’s the real reason you’re hesitating? I’m not trying to push you to take it because that would mean you moving away, but there has to be more than just you don’t know anything about the business.”

Faith really didn’t want to go into detail about her reasons, mainly because she had never mentioned Brandon, either. The temperatures rose and the sun beat down on her. She got up and moved to another chair that was partially in the shade.

“Remember when I had the accident and I told you about the guy who stopped to help me?”

“The one who brought your things to the hospital?”

“Yes. Brandon and I have been seeing each other since then. I just found out that his father is Thad’s best friend.”

“Nolan?” she asked incredulously.

“Exactly. Because no one knew about me outside of him and his wife, Brandon always thought he would run the company alone. And he wants it that way.” She explained the relationship Thad had with the Gray family.

“I’m guessing that he’s not too happy learning that he’s going to have you as a second-in-command.”

“That’s technically correct. Except he doesn’t know it’s me. Just that his ‘Uncle Thad’ has a kid who has come out of nowhere to take what Brandon considered his.”

“Oh, Lord. What a mess.”

What a mess was right. This little trip had turned out to be far messier than she could have ever imagined. And she suspected it would get worse before it was all said and done.

“Are you going to tell Brandon?”

“I have to. Thad wants to introduce me to the advisory board on Tuesday. Brandon and all of his siblings will be there and I don’t think it’s fair to let him find out that way.”

“You’re right, baby, but what a choice. You know you can call if you need me. Although, I suspect Thad will take care of it. He knows, doesn’t he?”

“He does.” Faith recalled what Thad said he would do to Brandon if Brandon broke her heart. She had no doubt he’d make good on that threat. Over the past several weeks of getting to know Thad, he’d proven to be every bit of the father she knew he would have been had they not been separated. “I’ll let you know what happens.” She was starting to perspire and fanned herself with her hand.

“Okay. I love you, sweetheart, and I hope all goes well.”

“I love you too, Mom. And thanks.” She ended the call. Even though they didn’t see eye to eye on everything, Faith was glad to have Francis Alexander as a mother and felt a little better now.

She rose, went back to her room and took a cool shower. When she came out, she noticed a text from Brandon telling her he would be over at three. That gave her two hours.

When Faith opened the door to Brandon, his heart rate sped up. She had on a tank top with thin straps and shorts, and the sight of her smooth, bare dark chocolate skin enticed him so much that he had to shove his hands in his pants pocket to keep from reaching for her. They needed to talk first. “Hey, baby.” He kissed her.

“Hi.” Faith opened the door wider so he could come in.

He followed her over to the sofa, sat and took her hand. “How’re you doing today? I realized after I got home that I didn’t really play fair when it came to you agreeing to us continuing our relationship. I need to make sure that you’re still okay with it.”

“You didn’t force me to say anything I didn’t want to say, Brandon.”

He smiled. “So, that means we’re official.” She lowered her head and his smile faded. “Faith?”