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Giving My All to You Sheryl Lister 2022/8/3 13:47:47

His smile widened. “That’s my favorite, too.”

Faith returned his smile. At least one thing had gone right in her life. For now, she turned her focus to the upcoming meeting. She still had concerns about how the rest of Brandon’s family would treat her. Her father had assured her that she needn’t worry, but she couldn’t be sure. Family bonds were strong, and the way Brandon talked about his made her believe that their bond was stronger than most. She took a deep breath. I just need to get through the next two hours.

An hour later, they exited the elevator on the floor housing the company’s executive offices. A sign in large black elegant lettering read “Gray Home Safety” on the wall behind a huge desk in the reception area. The woman seated there greeted them with a smile, which they returned.

Thad reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze. “Ready, baby girl?”

Faith drew in a calming breath. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Brandon sat in the conference room waiting for the meeting to start. All of his siblings were there, as well as his two brothers-in-law. He could hear bits and pieces of their conversations, speculating on Uncle Thad’s child. But he knew all about her, more than he cared to at this point, but he hadn’t shared the details about his relationship with Faith with anyone except Khalil. He was still angry that she hadn’t told him. And even angrier that he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Khalil leaned over. “If that scowl gets any deeper, you’ll have a permanent road map on your face. And I don’t know why you’re so mad. It’s her legacy, just like the CEO is yours.”

He turned a lethal glare on his brother. “There are a lot of empty chairs in here. Pick one and get the hell away from me.”

He chuckled. “I’m quite comfortable where I am. And you can dial down the death glare. It doesn’t work on me, big brother. She must be really under your skin for you to be this bent out of shape.” When Brandon skewered him with another look, Khalil said, “Okay, okay. I can’t wait for Vonnie and Morgan to find out.” He shook his head. “The way you harassed them, they’re gonna be all over you.” He laughed again.

“I’m about two seconds from rearranging your pretty boy face.” He started to comment further, but halted when Faith entered with his parents and uncle. She had on a navy blue dress that stopped at the knee and hugged every one of her luscious curves. His body reacted and he cursed under his breath. His gaze followed her as she took a seat on the other side of the table across from him. Her cold and angry eyes met his, and then she smoothly looked away.

Khalil whispered, “Guess she’s not too happy with you either, Brandon, but she is stunning. I wouldn’t mind sampling some of that beauty.”

Brandon clenched his jaw so tight, pain radiated up the side of his face. One more word and he would snap. He scooted his chair over to put some distance between him and Khalil and closed his eyes briefly to maintain his composure. Why was he so upset? It was over between them, so he needed to move on. His father took his seat at the head of the table and started to speak.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am today. We’ve been praying for this day to come for nearly three decades.” Nolan nodded Thad’s way.

Thad stood and helped Faith to her feet. “I’d like you all to meet my daughter, Faith Alexander. It’s taken me twenty-eight years to find her again and it’s been a long time coming.” He gestured for Faith to speak and took his seat.

Faith looked around the room. “I am very glad to have my father in my life and overwhelmed by his generosity. I’ll share a little about me. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, have a degree in business, completed a web design course and started my own company, Impressions Web Design, three years ago while working as an assistant manager in a small software company. Recently, I was able to quit my job and focus on my business full-time. I realize I don’t know anything about home safety and some of you may be uncomfortable with an outsider coming in and assuming the role of vice president.” She looked directly at Brandon. “So, I’ve decided not to take the job, but will honor part of my father’s wish and succeed him on the advisory board.” She sat.