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Giving My All to You Sheryl Lister 2022/8/3 13:47:49

“Yes. But this isn’t what I really wanted to show you.” He walked over to an inner door and opened it. “Come with me.”

Faith tentatively followed him through the door, which accessed another office that was no less opulent but had been done in lighter colors. “Whose office is this?”

She spun around. “Mine?”

Brandon went behind the desk and pulled out the leather chair. “Have a seat.”

She sat and ran her hand lightly along the edge of the desk. It was beautiful and the chair fit perfectly.

“I know you’re still growing your business, so I thought the office could serve a dual purpose.”

She stared at him. He was really making it hard for her not to take the job, though she had been talking to her father more about it and had become intrigued with the possibilities. “So, what would my role in the company be?”

He regarded her silently for a moment. “To act in my stead when I’m not here, help me take our company into the future and continue to make it one of the best anywhere.”

“And you’d trust me to do all of that?”

“Yes,” he answered without hesitation.

“There’s something else. Look in the drawer.”

Faith scooted back and pulled the center compartment open. Her heart skipped a beat and her gaze flew to his. She brought her hands to her mouth and stared at the small jeweler’s box surrounded by rose petals the same color as those he had that beautiful night at his house.

When she didn’t make a move, Brandon chuckled, reached around her and removed the ring. He lowered himself to one knee next to her. “I love you, Faith, and I need you. Marry me, baby. I promise to give you my all from this moment forward.”

Tears misted her eyes and she cupped his face. “I love you and need you, too, Brandon. Yes, I’ll marry you.” He lifted her hand and slid the sparkling solitaire surrounded by smaller diamonds onto her finger. “It’s amazing.” She threw her arms around him and kissed him with all her heart.

“Thank you for making this so easy because I wasn’t taking no for an answer.”

Faith laughed. “I see Mr. Bossy is back.”

“Yeah, but I’m sure you’ll have no problems keeping me in line.”

Brandon wiggled his eyebrows. “How about we christen our new offices?”

She gasped. “We can’t do that in here.”

“Why not? There’s no one here but us.” He disappeared through the connecting door, came back in a flash, locked the other door and placed her on the empty desk. He undid the buttons on her top, undid her bra and took one taut nipple into the warmth of his mouth. “Now, what were you saying?”

The only thing she managed was a strangled moan as their clothes disappeared and he entered her with one powerful thrust. “I love you, Brandon.”

“I love you, too, Faith. You are my heart.”

Brandon stood at the end of the aisle in the filled church sanctuary anxiously waiting for Faith to appear. Between Faith relocating to LA and both of them getting acclimated to their new positions, he’d had to wait six long months to make her his wife. And every one of those days tested his patience in ways he couldn’t begin to describe.

The door opened and his breath caught. He didn’t think Faith could be more beautiful, but today she looked absolutely radiant. The white strapless dress she wore flowed to the floor, emphasized her full breasts, small waist and flaring hips. Brandon didn’t realize he had taken a step until he felt the tug on his arm.

“Easy, big brother,” Khalil whispered. “You’re supposed to wait for her to come to you.”

He glanced over his shoulder and met his brother’s smile, then turned back to watch his bride. She hadn’t wanted the traditional wedding march played and, instead, had chosen “Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song)” by Quincy Jones. The rhythm fit perfectly with the subtle sway of her hips as she glided toward him on the arms of both her fathers. She smiled at him and his heart nearly beat out of his chest.

When she finally made it to him, it took all of Brandon’s restraint not to take her into his arms and kiss her the way he’d described on their erotic phone call last night. Since their mothers wouldn’t let them see each other after the rehearsal and dinner, it was the best they could do.