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Perfect Love Story (Love 1) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:48:42

“Good. I’m not taking this room,” Crystal says as she walks back inside the house and tries to find light switches that work. I follow her as she heads to the living room and walks up the stairs, where we find two more bedrooms with a huge bathroom with a sunken tube. After we walk to the back of the house, she picks her room, and I decide to make the third bedroom my office. “Fuck. Where the hell are we going to sleep tonight?” she asks as we walk back downstairs, and I turn in a circle.

“We are going to sleep here,” I tell her as her phone rings. She answers right away.

“Nan, you have so much explaining to do,” she starts off, and I turn, looking back at the fireplace, and sit in the chair, almost falling since one of the legs is broken. “It’s empty,” she says. “Like so empty I don’t even think racoons would live here.” She continues as she walks toward the back of the house. “Yeah, yeah. Well, you’d better call your friend and tell her that we need the super of someone to come and clean this shit up.” She presses the button to end the call. “I don’t think there is a super.” She looks at me. “We need to hit up a Walmart or a Target,” she says as she brings up her maps. “What the fuck? The closest Walmart is an hour and four minutes away.”

I nod my head, going outside and grabbing our bags to carry inside. “An adventure,” I tell her as she glares at me. “Come on, we can stock up on all the stuff at Walmart, and tomorrow we can go shopping for a couch and stuff.” I smile at her, and she follows me outside. We get back in the car, and she drives us one hour and four minutes away to the closest Walmart. I look out the window, never once shedding a tear.

My eyes blink open as the sun hits my face. I try to stretch my body, but it’s stiff, and my joints groan out in defiance when I roll over and hit the floor. That is what we get when you choose a blow-up mattress that sits on the floor. After huffing and puffing about our ‘dire’ situation, Crystal and I hit up Walmart. Let me just say we are so much more prepared now than we were last night when we arrived.

We had three carts overflowing with everything from cleaning supplies, to towels, to bed sheets, to a coffee machine, toaster, food, and our blow-up mattress. But we didn’t stop there. Nope, not us and our adventure.

Before we even made it into Walmart, we shopped at Country Sam’s Shop For Less Furniture and Supplies next door. Well, I have to say I was like a kid in a candy store. While Crystal made sure she had a king-size bed and matching armoire, I went on the hunt for our couch. And what a couch it was. We decided on two couches with big fluffy pillows; to me, it felt like sitting on a cloud. I was so excited that I bought even more throw pillows while Crystal sat on the couch the whole time. We added a white table with six chairs, which was a bit big since we didn’t know anyone here, but I know my family will visit. I picked the most feminine bed in the store. Fuck, if they’d had a pink one, I would have chosen that one. But I went with a white one instead. I couldn’t wait for them to deliver it Saturday.

I go to the bathroom and wash my face, then come out to the kitchen and start the coffee. I see that it is just after seven a.m. I slept a whole three hours. Once the coffee is made, I grab one of the throw blankets we bought and make my way outside.

When we arrived yesterday, I saw stairs off to the right that I knew led down to the ocean. Grabbing my flip-flops, I make my way outside, down my backyard steps, and walk over the short grass to the wooden stairs.

I stand on the top step and breathe in the salty air. Watching the water crash down on the shore as my hair flies in my face from one side, I smile at the calmness and peace that I feel at that moment.

Coming out in a tank top and cotton pants wasn’t my smartest move, so I wrap the blanket around my shoulders as I walk down the steps. My feet sink in the sand as soon as I step off the last step onto the sand. As I walk down the grass-lined path, I come to a wooden fence but half has fallen down. I get closer to the water, the sound louder as more and more waves crash.