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Perfect Love Story (Love 1) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:48:46

The woman finally makes it to us. “Mila, honey, are you okay?” I look up at this woman and glare at her while Flounder comes over and lies down near her feet, putting his paw on her as she cries. The woman tries to take Mila from my arms, and she wails even louder, so I turn my body as I get to my feet.

“Where is Jensen?” I ask the woman who stands with her hands on her mouth. I carry Mila to Jensen’s house, and as we are walking up the steps, Mila starts sobbing again, holding her wrist. “We need to get her to the doctor,” I say as I walk in the open door. Another woman in the kitchen throws the towel that she is folding down and races over. “We need to get her to the doctor. The dog knocked her off her feet, and she landed on her arm,” I tell the woman who just nods as she walks to the counter to grab her purse and keys. She also tries to take Mila, who shakes her head and burrows herself deeper against my chest.

“Norma.” The lady talks to the one who was on the beach. “You need to move your car, so I can get out.”

The woman looks at me now, up and down. “I think I can handle this without a stranger holding my granddaughter,” she says to me with a snide leer.

“Listen, lady, I don’t know who you are, or what is going on right now, but if you don’t move your car, I’m going to ram it out of my way,” I say. The lady next to me stands straight, looking at Norma, who just walks outside, gets in her car, and takes off.

“What the hell is her problem?” I look down and find Mila looking at me. “Are you okay, Princess Mila?”

She shakes her head as we walk outside and get into the car. “I’m going to have to tie you in your seat so you’re safe, okay?” I tell her as I place her in her chair, and she wails out the minute her arm is moved, and it just plops down. “Okay, okay,” I say as I pick her back up. “New plan,” I say as I get inside with her on my lap. Wrapping one arm around her, I manage to buckle myself in. “Sorry but you need to hurry up please,” I tell the lady driving as I look down at Mila. My heart breaks for the pain in her eyes, so I lean down and kiss her head. “You are so brave, Mila. So, so brave.”

She closes her eyes and dozes off, and the lady drives us to the clinic right next door to Jensen’s office. “I’m going to take her in,” I tell the lady. “You need to run over and get her father.” I walk into the clinic while she runs to Jensen’s office. I get to the counter, and I’m about to talk to the lady behind the desk when I see Crystal and tears run down my face. “She got hurt,” I say. I try not to move her, but she whimpers out in pain while she sleeps.

Opening the door, Crystal waits for me to walk in, then starts issuing orders to the other nurses. “Someone get Gabe.” I follow her to a room, and she asks me, “What happened?”

“I was sitting outside eating an apple because my eyes were hurting from the computer, and I saw her and that fucking dog playing.” I look down as Mila opens her eyes, and I smile at her. “She got hurt, but she was so brave,” I say as I try not to lose my shit.

“I think it’s her shoulder or her wrist.” I look at Crystal who comes over and looks at Mila.

“Hey, Princess Mila, you think I could see what is wrong with you?” she asks Mila as she looks at me with fear in her eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere. I promise I’ll be right here, but Crystal needs to check and see what’s wrong, okay?” I say. Once she nods, I walk to the examination table and place her on it. Her arm just flops down, and the bone in her wrist is crooked. When Crystal grasps her wrist lightly, she cries out, and I sit next to her head.

“Look at me, Princess, just … I know it hurts, but I promise you she will make it okay.”

“Don’t cry, Hailey,” Mila says. “I won’t cry if you don’t cry.” I nod my head just as Gabe walks into the room.

“What the fuck is going on?” he says as he takes in Mila on the table. “Where did all this blood come from?” he asks. I look at him in confusion and then look at the floor and see that the blood is from my feet.