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Perfect Love Story (Love 1) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:48:57

“Hey, you two,” Crystal says, breaking our trance. I take a pull of my drink, turning to look at her cousin, and I almost spit out my beer. Holy fuck, Gabe is going to lose his shit. She’s standing in front me wearing tight black jeans, and I mean tight,

but that’s not the problem. It’s the sheer black halter she’s wearing without a bra. She throws her blond hair over her shoulder, putting her hand out to catch the bartender’s eyes, and does she ever. “We need three shots of tequila,” she says as she smiles at Pat, grabbing her credit card.

“That’s okay. Pat, put everything on my tab,” I say from beside her, and she smiles at me.

“Aren’t you the sweetest.” She looks at Hailey. “That shirt is the bomb.” They trade stories of the day, my hand never leaving Hailey’s hip. I look at the door, seeing Brody and Darla come in.

Darla spots us, waving her hand. “Holy fuck,” she spits out when she gets closer and takes in Hailey and then Crystal. “Oh my god, I’m so happy I came tonight.” She looks at Crystal. “That outfit is to die for. I need to borrow that top.”

“Over my dead body,” Brody says from beside her. “Not even just for me. Besides, I don’t think it’ll last the night,” he says, looking away as two beers appear on the counter with the shots of tequila.

“Shots,” Darla yells out, throwing her hand up, while Brody and I both throw our heads back and groan. The girls toss back the shots and order another round.

“One more and that’s it,” Hailey says from beside me.

“What?” Crystal and Darla both look at her, but Darla speaks. “You are no fun.” As they take another shot of tequila. “Country Girl” begins to play, causing Darla to yell, “We need to dance.”

Hailey finishes off her wine, then leans in and kisses me on the lips in front of everyone. “Be back.”

I lean on the bar as I watch the three of them in the middle of the pub. Every man watches and some women join them while others just glare at them. “How much are we betting that Gabe is going to lose his shit,” Brody says, grabbing his beer and draining it.

“I’m almost afraid to be here if he shows up.” I groan when “Save a Horse” comes on.

“Oh, she’s here.” Brody points at Crystal. “So he’s going to show up. Plus, I may have texted him and told him we are here.” He laughs as Darla yells she’s riding a cowboy tonight.

They stay on the dance floor till they are out of breath, then come back to the bar to order more shots. “Okay, fine,” Hailey says. “One more.” She then looks at me and winks.

“You having fun?” I ask her when she leans into me.

“I am.” She smiles, picking up her shot, and eyes me while she licks her hand and puts salt on it. My cock springs to action, my eyes watching her every single move. She licks the salt, downs the shot, winces, and sucks on the lime. “That is gross.”

I look at Darla and Crystal, who take another shot and chase it with a glass of water. The band takes the stage, causing the music to get louder. Hailey picks up the glass of white wine I ordered for her while she danced.

I’m about to lean in and say something to her when I hear, “What the fuck are you wearing?” hissed next to me, and Brody just laughs. Crystal turns around, putting a hand on her hip.

“An outfit.” She glares at him.

“Is that right?” He puts his hands in his back pockets, his dress shirt buttons almost snapping off.

“I think I need another shot,” she says when she takes in his look.

Darla sees the look Gabe is giving and claps her hands. “I’m so happy I didn’t miss tonight,” she says as they take another shot.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom,” Hailey says, grabbing Crystal, and Darla follows them. Brody pushes a bottle of beer in Gabe’s hand while his eyes never leave Crystal’s back.

I’m about to take a sip of my beer when I see Kimberley. “Incoming,” Brody says, when she spots me and raises her hand.

“Hey,” she says breathlessly. “I didn’t know I would see you here tonight.” Coming to my side, she leans against the bar. “You look good.”

“Um.” I look at my hand and then back up, seeing her smile as she tucks her hair behind her ear.

“Is someone sitting here?” She points at the bar stool no one is actually sitting on.

“Actually, there is.” I nod at her, but don’t say anything else because Hailey’s walking back from the bathroom. She stands next to me, my hand going out and automatically gripping her.