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Perfect Love Story (Love 1) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:48:58

“I’ve waited for this for a long time.” His voice deep. “So many times, I wondered what you were wearing and wanted to reach under your shirt.” His hands caress my smooth stomach. Looking down, I see his hands under my shirt, feel his hands move up to my breasts, my chest going up and down as I wait for the moment his hands cup me. His palms finally cover my breast, and I feel his heat through the lace bra I’m wearing. My nipples peak as my hips move forward to feel his hardness. “Fuck,” he hisses when his hand goes to my back and he feels the lace. I cross my arms in front of me, pulling the shirt over my head. I stand there in front of him in my lace bra. Both his hands now go to my breasts, and I look down, seeing his tanned hands on my white skin. “Fits perfectly,” he says as he leans down to take a pebbled nipple into his mouth, lace and all. My hand goes to his head while I throw my head back, my senses gone now. He repeats the same thing with the other one. My nipples get harder with the wetness and the cool air. “I have to see you,” he hisses and looks like he is going to rip the bra off. I turn around, showing him the back. He groans when he sees the satin crisscross down the middle of my back with a bow tied at the end. He gently pulls the string, undoing the bow, his fingers pulling the satin away till the bra falls to the floor. Turning, I stand in front of him. I look down at myself, my full b cup size, my nipples a dark pink as they pebble. I watch him looking down at me, his hands coming up to cup them in his hands. His eyes never waver from his hands while he rolls each nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The sensation shoots straight to my core, my stomach pulling as it gets tight. My breathing comes in pants as my body wakes for him. “I’m going to fuck these by the time you leave my bed,” he says as he pushes them together, and my eyes close, picturing him straddling me as he tit fucks me, my tongue coming out to lick his cock with each forward thrust.

“Jensen,” I whisper when he bends his head, taking a nipple into his mouth, this time biting it before rolling it with his tongue. He trails his tongue down the center of my chest to my stomach. Getting on his knees in front of me, he kisses my stomach from left to right, my stomach sucking in. His hands on my hips move to the front of my jeans and one hand roams over the seam of the zipper.

My pussy clenches while I watch his hand go up and down. My hand’s in his hair when he finally unsnaps the button, the sound of the zipper louder than we are.

The matching white lace panties are revealed when he pushes my jeans down my hips. His face nuzzles into my pussy as his hot tongue comes out to lick my slit through my panties.

My legs start to shake when I feel him. “Jensen,” I plead when my legs finally give out, and I have to sit on the bed. He unties my shoes, throwing them over his shoulder, then pulls my pants off.

He stands up in front of me, my eyes level with his hardness. My hand goes to his button to unsnap it, and then I pull down his zipper. Black Calvin’s are the only thing between me and him. My hand cups his cock as I rub up and down, and he throws his head back and moans.

I lean forward as I suck the head in through his Calvin’s. The saltiness of pre-cum that leaked out hits my tongue. “No,” he says, pushing me down on the bed. He’s looking down at me, standing between my open legs.

He kicks off his shoes, and I prop myself on my elbows to watch him the whole time. “Get in the middle of the bed.” It’s not a suggestion; it’s a demand. I turn, getting on my knees, my thong showing my bare ass to him as I look over my shoulder.

His eyes go so dark, they look black. “You play with fire, you’re going to get burned.” His voice sends a shiver down my body. I lie in the middle of the bed as he crawls to me like I’m his prey. My legs open for him, his hand cupping my breast as he buries his face in my neck, and I feel the weight of him over me. He sucks on my neck as his hunger takes over me. Gone is the soft, gentle Jensen, and in his place is a man who wants to own me.