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Perfect Love Story (Love 1) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:48:58

“I wanted to go slow,” he mumbles between kissing, sucking, and nibbling, the whole time his hand rolling my nipple. “I just can’t.” My legs push back and my hands scratch up his back as the need fills me.

His mouth claims mine this time, his hips rocking into me. My body goes tight, the touches lighting me up everywhere from my head to the tips of my toes. I need him closer; I need more of him.

His hand moves from my breast down my stomach and then his hand slips into my panties. His fingers slip through the folds, the tip of his middle finger grazing my clit, and he easily slips two fingers into me.

I release his mouth to arch my back, throwing my head against the pillow. My hands explore up and down his back while his fingers fuck me, pushing me, making me chase the orgasm. His palm moving side to side on my clit, my stomach gets tight, my hips raise to meet his fingers each time he thrusts.

“I’m goi—” I don’t say anything because his mouth swallows my words, he swallows my groan, he swallows everything. I come on his fingers, and he doesn’t stop; he continues playing my body like a fiddle. My eyes open looking into his. “Jensen.”

My fingers trace his lips now to his cheek while he slips his fingers out of me. His weight leaves me, and he kneels in the middle of my legs with his pants still undone. My legs fall to the side, leaving myself open for him.

He brings his fingers to his mouth, cleaning me off him. “Sweet like honey.” He leans over me to open his bedside table and pulls out a box of condoms. “I drove all the way to Walmart for these so no one would see me.” He opens the box, ripping it as the condoms fall on the bed. His hand snatches one, but I sit up, my hand going on his.

“When was the …” I look at him. “Last time?”

“The day before Julia left,” he answers, and I take the condom from his hand.

“I always used condoms with Eric,” I tell him, “and after he died, I got tested. I’m clean.” His hands come to my face. “I want all of you.”

“Are you sure?” His voice drops to a whisper as I nod. My hands on his hips pull down his pants and his Calvin’s. I look down at him, and I blink, my throat going dry. He’s the most perfect man in the whole world, and I have him.

“Make love to me,” I ask him and lie back down. His hands go to the side of my lace thong as I lift my hips. He slides it down my legs, kissing my knee. He takes off his pants while I watch him. My body’s getting ready for him, calling for him. He crawls over me, covering me, kissing me, then returns to his knees. I watch him when he takes his cock in his hand, rubbing the cock head through my folds. He places his cock at my entrance as we both watch him enter me, my body taking him. He pushes all the way inside me, and our moans come out at the same time. “Oh, my god,” I say as my hands grip the sheets beside me. He pushes into me over and over, and my legs pull back each time so he can go deeper and deeper. He thrusts his hips, holding my knees back; his thrusts get deeper and deeper, get faster and faster, and then harder and harder.

“You’re squeezing the fuck out of me,” he hisses, my eyes still watching us as I get wetter and wetter on my way to the finish line. One hand leaves my knee as he puts his thumb into his mouth to wet it and then opens my pussy to find my clit. The wetness from his finger with the wetness of my pussy makes him slide left to right with ease. “You like that, don’t you?” he asks, my head nodding while my eyes close slowly. “Your pussy gets tighter every time I talk to you,” he says, his thumb now going in circles. “Look at me,” he asks. My eyes open as I watch him, the light sheen of sweat covering his body. “Look at your pussy taking me.” He looks down at himself. “Swallowing me all in.” I watch as I take him, as my body takes all of him. As I push through the finish line, my stomach goes tight, my hips thrusting faster and faster as I grind my clit on his hand. “Come on, Hailey, come on my cock.” His dirty mouth pushes me over the edge. My toes curl, and my hands press his ass into me, begging him not to move. He lets me take what I need from him, lets me thrust my hips up as I come over and over and over on his cock. I come so hard I don’t hear him say anything, but I don’t need to because he grabs my hips to stop me from moving and plants himself all the way in as he comes in me, filling me even more. He falls to the side of me, taking me with him. Our chests both heaving as we try to catch our breath. “I’ve …” I look over at him as he starts talking. “No words,” he says, closing his eyes. “I think I saw stars.” He smiles.