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Perfect Love Story (Love 1) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:48:59

“Good,” I tell him. “Because I definitely saw stars with birds floating around.” I giggle, and he rolls on his back.

My eyes travel up and down his body, his perfect body, perfect pecs, six-pack to die for, and a cock. “Hailey.” I snap out of my trance. “You just licked your lips while eyeing me.”

“Did I?” I ask, shrugging. “I was just thinking.”

“Yeah, did that thought include a shower?” he asks, climbing out of bed and holding out his hand.

“Does that shower include me getting on my knees?” I kiss his cheek as I walk in front of him, and he swats my ass. “Oh”—I look over my shoulder, his cock now up again—“definitely time to get on my knees.” I wink at him as I dash to the shower where he follows me. I definitely get on my knees, but then so does he. When we finally get back to bed, our fingers are all shriveled up and our hair is wet, but we don’t give in to sleep just yet. He takes me again, and this time, I do the riding. I end up falling on him as soon as I come, my eyes getting heavy as he rubs my back. I don’t know how long I rest because I wake with him sliding into me from behind again. We finish and fall asleep, but throughout the whole night, we reach for each other, never wanting to stop. I don’t know how many orgasms I’ve had when I finally drift off as a light comes into the room from outside.

I’m having the best dream ever. Jensen is all over me. I feel my nipples being pinched and rolled, my hips moving. I feel his mouth on my pussy. My hands thread into his hair, my eyes slowly opening, and I see it’s not a dream. Jensen has his face in my pussy as he eats me. His fingers roll my nipples as his tongue flicks my clit. My hands go on top of his as I mimic his hands. I start to pant, grinding my pussy on his face. I’m about to come when he crawls over me and kisses me, my tongue tasting myself on him. “Morning,” he says as he rolls me over, raising my hips and sliding inside me. My chest off the bed, I hold the edge of the mattress while he pounds into me, slowly at first, until I push back on him. He feels my need, and when I throw my head back, he grabs a fist full. One hand holds my hips so tight, I’m going to have his fingerprints, but I couldn’t be happier. “Fuck, you’re so tight,” he says as his balls slap my pussy every time he pounds into me. “Play with your clit,” he hisses as his hips push me even farther on the bed.

It doesn’t take me long before I’m jumping over the edge where he follows me.

“I can’t get enough of you.” He kisses my neck when I lie on the bed, tucking my arm under me. “How many times did we have sex last night?”

“Seven,” I say, getting up to grab the covers. “Maybe eight,” I say, tucking myself in as he scoots over to spoon me from behind. “Hmm,” I moan, feeling his chest against me.

“You didn’t count the shower,” he says.

“Sleep.” I yawn. “I’ll make pancakes if you let me sleep for two hours straight.” I don’t wait for him to answer. His soft snore fills the room, so I turn over and bury my face in his neck and follow him into dream land.

I roll over in bed, and my hand lands on the empty place beside me. My body feels like I just ran a marathon, but I can’t remember a time I’ve been happier in my life. I smile when I hear singing coming from the kitchen. Seeing it’s only nine a.m., I climb out of bed and grab a pair of shorts. I walk to the kitchen, seeing Hailey in my plaid button-down shirt as she stands by the stove singing and shaking her ass. My cock wakes up to play. I walk into the kitchen, and wrapping my arms around her waist, I bury my face in her neck as I smell her. “Morning, baby.” I kiss her as she melts into me.

“Good morning, handsome,” she says, flipping the pancake and placing it on the plate. “You need to tell that bad boy I need food before he gets another round.” She wiggles her ass, making my bad boy want her even more. She turns in my arms, getting up on her tippy toes to kiss my lips. My hand grabs her ass, and I pick her up, wrapping her legs around my hips.

“Oh, my god.” I hear my mother’s voice, and my lips pull away from Hailey. I turn to see my mother with her hand against her mouth, her face in shock, and her other hand on Mila’s shoulder.