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Perfect Love Story (Love 1) Natasha Madison 2022/8/3 13:48:59

“Your mother knows we’ve had sex.” She points at herself and then me.

I raise my eyebrows, slamming the microwave door after it beeps. “She was bound to find out.”

“Really?” She crosses her arms over her chest.

“Really.” I pull out a stool, sitting down.

“How so?” Her head tilts to the side, and I’m not sure if this is a test or not.

“Well, since we are now officially dating”—I chew—“it’s not going to be a secret.”

“You mean just because we’ve had sex we are officially dating?” Her glare tells me that I should tread lightly.

“No, we were dating long before then.” I drink some coffee. “But you kissing me in public yesterday made sure that we are ‘officially dating.’” I use air quotes.

“I didn’t kiss you; you kissed me.” She points at me.

“Don’t give a shit who kissed who. It’s out there, and I’m not hiding this.” I finish eating, bringing my plate to the sink to rinse it off. “I wanted to sit down with Mila and tell her, but considering she found out you slept over, it’s too late for that one.”

“We aren’t hiding this,” she whispers, shock on her face as she takes in my words.

“Nope,” I tell her, turning to lean against the sink and look at her. “Why do you want to hide it?”

She looks down in thought, and then looks up. “No,” she says softly, then loudly again. “No, fuck no.” I walk to her. “I’m happy.” My fingers start unbuttoning my shirt that she is wearing, and her eyes watch my fingers. I push the shirt open a bit, cupping her breast in my hand. She’s fucking perfect; she was perfect before I slept with her, and she is even more perfect now. I roll her nipple between my fingers, causing her eyes to glaze over.

“Before you start something you can’t finish, Walker, you’d better go bolt that front door.” She removes the shirt from her shoulders, and seeing her standing in my kitchen naked, I can admire her in the light now. She has whisker burns on both breasts. My finger touches them lightly, and she shivers.

“I like this.” I trace the little spot. “My mark on you. I’ve never had the urge to claim someone, for everyone to know that person was mine, but with you, with you”—I shake my head, not sure I can even explain—“I want that. I want everyone to know when you walk down the street that you are Walker’s girl.”

“Well, unless I walk down Main Street naked, they are going to have to be okay with you kissing and holding my hand in public.” She laughs, turning around and walking to my bedroom. “But in the meantime, how about you mark me from behind?” Turning to walk into my room with me following her, by the time we are done, four hours later, we are both out of breath, her ass is pink from my handprint, and my teeth have marked her shoulder. “We need a break.”

She looks over. “Where are your t-shirts?”

I point at the closet. “In the closet in the second drawer.” My hand on my chest as I try to get my breathing back to normal. That is the best sex I’ve had in my life. I’ve had two partners my whole life, Julia and now Hailey, who hands down is the best sex I will ever have. Fuck, she ruined me. “Why?”

“Because I need to sleep, and me naked is too much for you to handle, so I’m going to cover myself.” She goes to the closet and comes out wearing one of my t-shirts with my name across it.

I rise to my elbows. “If you think having a shirt on is going to stop me from wanting you”—I laugh—“you are sadly mistaken, especially when you’re wearing my shirt.”

“Fine, I’ll go home,” she counters, and my laugh turns into a scowl.

“I’ll drag you back here,” I tell her, “kicking and screaming. I don’t give a shit. Now get in bed so we can nap.” I pull the covers off so she can climb in.

She puts her knee on the bed. “Pinky promise you will let me sleep?” Her pinky comes out, and I wrap my pinky around hers.

“Fine.” She gets into bed and lies on her stomach. I settle behind her, my legs entwining with hers. “I crossed my fingers.” I laugh, my hand roaming up her shirt to hold her breast. “I will still let you sleep.”

She wiggles her ass, getting comfortable, and we actually sleep until way after the sun has gone down. Later that night, with her in just my t-shirt, we sit at the island eating frozen pizza with not a care in the world. We spend the night together again, and this time, I wake up to her sucking my cock and taking what she wants. She climbs on me, and as she sinks down, we both groan. By the time we actually get up, we are late.