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Telling her she was too tense, he added that he would help her relax. If those skilful hands of his, massaging her from her shoulders to her back then down to her ass was meant to relax her, then boy he had to be joking. Maya was all the more churned up with arousal by time she felt Alain’s touch on her derriere, kneading and squeezing. She was one mass of jello, yet her muscles were stretched tighter than a bow with waiting for him to finally touch her there, where she was her moistest and neediest.

Finally, he gave her what she wished for. Reaching between her open legs, he rubbed on her drenched lips. Maya whimpered in bliss, clenching her fists high above her while beneath, she could feel her aching nipples throb where they pressed against the blanket.

She was trembling all over with desire. Alain knew just what to do, sliding one finger ever so gently inside her and feeling her wetness. “So tight and wet. Open your legs wider, baby.”

Maya shifted her thighs farther apart with legs shaking, as Alain slipped in another finger to join the first. He leaned over to kiss and suck on her back, and coupled with him thrusting those two fingers in and out of her, Maya coasted right along the rim of ecstasy. “Alain, please. I need to cum.”

He kissed his way up her neck to her ear, making her shiver as he whispered, “Oh, you will cum. When you count to ten.”

Maya blinked unseeingly behind the blindfold. She couldn’t even remember her own name right now, and he wanted her to count to ten? Alain pumped his two fingers ever so deeply and slowly in and out, twisting and angling them just right, to touch her g-spot. His other hand wound into her hair and tugged, causing her head to snap back even as her spine arched. Suddenly, he started to thrust faster and deeper inside her. Beneath the blackness of her blindfold, Maya saw white stars.

“Start the count, Maya. Or this ends now.”

Oh God. He was serious, thought Maya. Unclogging her brain, she tried to remember which number came first. “One?”

“Keep going,” growled Alain, and slammed his fingers inside her so deep the heel of his palm slammed against her ass. Oh shit she just might not make it to ten before she harpooned into her orgasm. But something made her want to at least keep trying.

Alain’s fingers were a blur inside her, the pace of his thrusts unbroken as they built up the surge of pleasure inside her. Maya’s whole universe was spinning, as in the base of her womb a windstorm picked up force. Each time he plunged those fingers inside her, the impact sent her clit rubbing against the blanket underneath. This was making her crazy…what came after two again?

Hmm, he was kissing on her neck, just on her favorite spot. His lips felt almost soothing on her delicate flesh, while his fingers mercilessly pounded her twitching walls, stretching and filling her over and over.

Oh Christ. “Four.” Almost halfway, thought Maya frenziedly. If she could just catch her breath enough to make it to the next number.

Maya had never been so wet in her life. She could even hear the lewd sound of her juices, mashed by Alain’s fingers plumbing deep inside her. Shamed by her animal lusts, she could only surrender to the wild beat of passion’s drum as Alain played her like a maestro.

“Six.” Keep going, Maya, urged her inner voice. Don’t think about the fact that Alain had found that hidden trigger within her vagina no other lover had been able to discover. Certainly don’t pay heed to the hand he’d slipped from her hair, to reach round for her breast. Fuck!

“Seven!” she cried out, as Alain pinched one tingling nub within his thumb and forefinger.

Oh no, please don’t twist my nipple like that. “Eight.”

Maya was almost too weak to go on. It felt like being crushed beneath ten tons of pleasure. Leaving her breasts, Alain traced his hand down the middle of her stomach to tap against her clit. At the same time he fingered her with a corkscrew motion, going deeper than ever. Please, oh please. Not that spot. Holding out was impossible if he kept thrusting against her there.

Feeling his lips track over her cheek and close to her lips, Maya turned her face to the side so they could kiss. Oh yes, his lips against hers was heaven. “Ten,” she breathed into his mouth, which he covered with his as he plunged in his tongue while ramming powerfully against her g-spot. Maya’s orgasm poured out of her in a gush of rainbows, fireworks and supermoons. As she thrashed and strained against the arms Alain held around her protectively, Maya felt the darkness of the blindfold go blacker than black as she reached limitless subspace.

Each time Maya went out with Alain after that it was always more exciting and unique. After a week of dating, she still never got that night on the beach out of her mind. Her explosive orgasm still reverbed within her thighs when she replayed it in her head. How she’d gone along with everything, and had let herself get into the whole bondage and submission groove, baffled her even now.