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Just as baffling, was the fact that Alain was yet to take things further. Maya wouldn’t consider herself a sex-hungry freak but she was oh so ready for things to get to the next level between them. He’d already shown her so much, and she was eager to learn more. About what went on in his head, and just how much into the kinky side of sex he was into? Could he be holding back because he felt she wasn’t ready or equipped for more?

Maybe if she tried to get closer, then she’d know more about how to reach in to him. She was eager to find out more about his private life and discover the real Alain.

But while she was preparing to meet him for dinner later that evening as planned, Alain called to tell her something had come up. “I hope it’s nothing too serious,” Maya said worriedly.

“No, just the stupid hotel made an overbooking error, and now I’m forced to find someplace else to stay. I’ll probably have to look around for alternative accommodation so there might be some delay in meeting up tonight, sorry.”

“Or, you could just move into the garage.”

Maya had no clue she was about to suggest something like that, but there it was. And to her pleasure, Alain barely hesitated, before thanking her and saying that would do nicely. When he came over they took a few hours to do some cleaning, which left the garage looking more than habitable.

To pay her back, Alain insisted on doing some renovations, not just on the garage but one of the cars as well. “I think it’s worked out perfectly. I already planned to restore a car during my vacation, remember. Besides, didn’t you mention that your landlord is actually a distant relative? I’m sure he’ll be glad to be glad for the effort. Trust me, you’ll be doing me a huge favor letting me work on the car.”

“If you’re sure, then fine. Because I really don’t need repayment for letting you stay here a few weeks or whenever. Though, I do have one condition – that you let me help out any way I can.”

“Of course. Totally a win-win situation for me whichever way I look at it,” said Alain, with that sexy little smile that made Maya feel more special than any other woman he might know.

Did Alain really think of her as special, really? Maya knew they’d been dating barely a week but she had no doubt they were building on something here. If it was just a casual fling he wanted, he’d have taken what he wanted and moved on sooner. By offering to let him stay, Maya hoped he could tell that she was open to more substance in their relationship. But what if she pushed too hard and got him putting up his guard?

Maya’s life seemed to take on new meaning since Alain had walked into it. Now that he was staying just down in the garage of her home, it felt like she woke up every morning having a new purpose. He’d been working and sleeping in the garage and making great progress. In barely a week he’d addressed many of the renovations such as redoing the garage walls, electricity and the lighting. Next, he’d worked on the floors, doors and windows giving the place a whole new look – much like the perfect automotive playroom. He’d even upgraded the storage in the garage, having it built to his specifications. It was amazing how much equipment could be stored once the tool storage was designed right. It all left Maya awed, even as she wondered, just how long did Alain plan to stay, what with the major fix-up he’d undertaken.

“There’s no rule that says a hobby has to be dirty and uncomfortable,” Alain said when Maya teased him lightly, for going overboard a bit. “Besides, without a properly equipped shop it’s impossible to rebuild anything safely or correctly, least of all an old car. Also, I really want to complete the restoration in good time and that requires a proper working garage.”

At his words ‘in good time’, Maya felt her heart sink thinking Alain didn’t plan to stay that long after all. Yet she lightened her spirits with the thought that, it was best to enjoy every moment as it came and not worry about the future. It could well take care of itself.

With the garage all done and ready, Alain promised that their task of restoring the old car would be a more enjoyable experience. For Maya, it was enjoyable simply being close to Alain, and sometimes it got too enjoyable at times.

Because on several occasions she found they worked in the garage way into the night, when instead Maya should be in bed sleeping but she never minded it one bit. She’d never felt this fulfilled or ardent about something, until now. She was glad she’d been able to be of good use right from the start, thanks to being great at researching where to source parts and materials for Alain.

What she really loved though, was that she got to have a front-row view of Alain’s passion for cars. No one had warned her she would find it all so super sexy. Getting to see him in action, while wearing hi safety glasses, work gloves and of course, the requisite faded blue jeans and snug-fitting t-shirt always had her heart in a flutter. He’d grown out his hair and had it styled in a mid-parting, with the dark locks framing his temples giving him a tousled look that made Maya bite on her lip in desire.