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She couldn’t count how many times she wished she could distract Alain from his focus on the old car and continue where they left off with that nighttime beach picnic. She never, never forgot those electrifying moments, of giving herself up to Alain’s demands and wishes, playing his willing submissive and having him take her pleasure to new realms. Could it be he’d lost interest in her physically now that he was deep into what she knew was his other great passion, cars?

As the days drew on, the once beat-up old 1965 Corvair Monza convertible took on a new lease of life, much like Maya’s romantic heart. She’d taken a huge break from love and now, shining rays of fairytale feelings took shape within her. Spending time with Alain, talking and working long hours with him when she wasn’t at the men’s store, made it no surprise she began falling for him.

Maya also began falling more and more for cars, too. She now liked learning how things worked and not just going crazy over the exterior or overall look of the classic ride.

Oh, but it wasn’t beautiful classic cars she dreamed of at night, but of the beautiful man downstairs in the garage while she slept, or tried to. Yes they may have kissed and made out a few times since their night picnic on the beach, but it never got much further. Alain had once mentioned how expectation built up the pleasure when it happened, but wasn’t he taking the sense of anticipation too far?

Deep down, Maya knew that she liked how Alain seemed so genuine. Other guys would have taken advantage of the situation to the utmost. Whatever else she might not know about him, Maya was sure of one thing – that Alain was real. She wanted to get closer and closer, know him better and better but there were so many invisible walls.

Maya sensed she’d already fallen for this man. He was intensely good looking, yet was comfortable with himself and confident enough not to worry about whether he was ‘spit-shined and polished’. Working at a men’s store Maya was used to men who were ever too conscious about their physical attributes and playing it to their advantage. Alain with his wavy dark hair that flopped on his forehead and touched his collar, worked hard at what he did and always had a positive attitude that rubbed off on Maya.

She only had loose connections with her family and not that many close friends. She’d been way too comfortable being solitary and now she had Alain around, she realized everything she’d been missing. The companionship, the security and safety of Alain being there for her was something she cherished.

Not that they’d officially assigned themselves a ‘couple’ status, but to Maya they’d acknowledged it enough with how many dates they’d spent together when not working, and the amount of hours they shared in each other’s company made it a given they couldn’t possibly spare time for anyone else.

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And yet…Maya didn’t like to think they became exclusive simply by circumstances and not decision. But she quickly told herself to stop overthinking things, and accept the situation for what it was. That both of them were together, and that was all that mattered.

The one thing that would make an icing on the cake, would be for them to finally become lovers in the fundamental sense.

Yes, Alain had given her a few earth-moving orgasms, but it had only made her hungry for more. Still, Maya appreciated the way he showed her regard and didn’t treat her like a slab of meat just because she was readily available and always within reach.

All her friends were envious of her new ‘catch’ and the arrangement they had going on. Though, Maya couldn’t exactly tell her pals that nothing freaky was happening just because she had a hot mechanic stud living in her garage. He hardly had time for anything but restoring the car and come what may, Maya admired his work ethic.

The only one who possibly knew what was going down was Nikki, whom Maya had known since their high school days, back when their families were neighbors. She had a way of reading Maya all too well and had her own take on Maya’s hopes where Alain was concerned.

“The best thing that could happen would be watching you and your vanilla prince charming, ride into the sunset in that convertible you guys spend so much time restoring,” teased Nikki.

Maya felt her cheeks go hot and she shrugged as she tried to hide her discomfiture. “Okay, maybe we’re getting way too ahead of ourselves. And yet…I can’t help but see myself with him for the long term. There’s just something about him that makes me feel that he could be the one.”

“Normally I’d say let’s wait and see, but it doesn’t seem you two have that much time to spare – considering he came here on holiday,” said Nikki doubtfully.