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“That’s why I simply want to make the best of whatever chance we have. I really don’t mind the thought of maybe a long distance relationship, where we travel back and forth. So long as we’re in agreement, there’s nothing we can’t achieve. So far, I’m glad with the progress we made.”

“Speaking of progress, that old convertible is beginning to look mighty promising. I have to admit, that man of yours is pretty impressive. He’s even turning you into a certified gearhead. Whatever next?” Nikki chuckled, and went on with her teasing while Maya took it good-naturedly. At least, Nikki wasn’t trying to judge her for taking in a man she’d practically just met, under her roof like Maya’s other friends would have done.

Not that it would have bothered Maya either way. She didn’t plan on letting anything or anyone stand between her and Alain. And when their night together finally happened, it seemed so perfect and worth the wait. And yet, Maya was to discover that perhaps, the price for finally getting her wish, was too high to pay.

That night, they’d gone to an annual car show just outside of town. In the past weeks Alain and Maya enjoyed a few of the local parades, picnics and festivals that provided the spectacle of vintage vehicles to fuel their automotive passion. Maya found she enjoyed every moment of these events, and in fact looked forward to the upcoming classic car auction which Alain told her would hold next month.

Maya had wanted to ask if he thought he’d still be here by then, but she caught herself from doing so.

They’d taken the bus to and from the event and the trip had been the best Maya ever had. Being on the road with Alain was like a great escape, and as they walked the rest of the way home the night was made more magical when it started to rain.

Though the forecast that morning had warned of the weather Maya hadn’t thought to bring an umbrella. When the downpour worsened they both ducked beneath the nearby shelter of a closed florist kiosk, the only cover available on the stretch of road. They both laughed as they tried to get the worst of the dampness off their clothes. Maya loved the carefree feeling of that moment and seeing the crinkles show beside Alain’s beautiful blue eyes.

He seemed to catch something in her gaze, which Maya had tried her best to conceal. She didn’t want to wear her heart on her sleeve and risk Alain suspecting her true feelings. She wouldn’t want to chase him off with her secret wish for them to be together in every sense, and possibly for the long run.

He gave her a sudden smile that pushed back any of her doubts, as she smiled brightly back at him not caring that her hair dripped slightly unto her face and shoulders. Thankfully the weather stayed warm despite the rain so the chance of catching a chill was lessened. Well, not that she could even feel a single bit cold when Alain looked at her with such heat.

Reaching up to cup her face in his hands, he murmured, “I read somewhere, that life is not about waiting for a storm to pass…but learning to dance in the rain. Are you ready?”

“What?” Maya said with a laugh and a look of incomprehension.

Alain merely smirked, fished his iPhone out of his pocket and a few taps later, put on a song. The melody of guitars and drums filled the night along with the washing sound of rain. Maya gawked as Alain then stepped out into the rain again, walked ahead a few steps and then spun around in a dramatic dance move that had her gasping in amazement. With his arms spread wide he danced to the music, which Maya recognized as a tune from the indie band The La.

Maya had never seen a man move so well and she figured it was a French thing the way Alain seemed so as one with the music and the rain pelting down. She was turn between humor and disbelief, more so when Alain waltzed forward and held out his hand to the wide-eyed Maya.

“Shall we dance?” he said and not waiting for her protest, took her hand and led her out into the rain with him. Maya squealed and tried to cover her hair with her other hand but Alain grabbed that too, swinging their arms from side to side as they waltzed around in the heavy rain together. Finally, having lost her breath from all the giggling and twirling, Maya got to break away and gulped in air. Pushing the wet hair back from her face she laughed as heartily as Alain, as he stood across from her and raked his now curly locks back from his forehead.

As their eyes held the upbeat song, and even the rain faded to the background. There was a look in his eyes that Maya couldn’t fathom as Alain swept his gaze over her face.

Though they had the distance of a few yards between them, that look took the place of a caress on her goose bumps-covered skin, even as he told her huskily, “I keep wondering why I have this burning need, to give you every special thing in the world you could wish for.”