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Maya stared at Alain, and wondered why he’d think he had to give her anything. She thought she’d made it known in her own way that she didn’t care for material things, or what a man could provide for her. She didn’t care if he had nothing to his name, or if he came from a very humble background or a privileged one.

Her mind flew back to Alain’s earlier words about not waiting through a storm. That, as well as the whole dancing in the rain seemed suddenly symbolic. Maya decided then, that she didn’t want to keep waiting, wishing, but would take a bold step into the unknown.

“I don’t want anything else. Just you. I love you, Alain,” she worded clearly, eyes holding his with unwavering purpose. Tuning out the wild beating of her heart, she walked up to Alain, lifted on tiptoe and pressed her lips to his.

Maya was never the type to be assertive about anything in a relationship. It always had to be the guy to make all the advances, give her all the signals. With Alain, it was different. She was no longer worried about holding back or preserving her pride or feelings. That was why, when she told him she loved him she didn’t even wait to give him the chance to say the words back. Because she was giving her emotions freely, without expectations or motives.

Maya simply felt happy to be able to tell him how she really felt.

Just like she was happy she could take the bold step and initiate that kiss in the rain, fusing her lips with Alain’s.

The kiss, though chaste at first, held a power surge of invitation that felt like a lightning bolt had flashed between them. For what seemed like eternity though was just a few moments they stood still with just their lips touching, the rain streaming down on their linked forms. Till at last, Alain groaned and wrapped his arm behind her neck and tilted her face as he deepened the kiss hungrily.

The pounding rain along with the raging thunder and lightning were the only things to finally jolt them apart. For the rest of the way home they half-jogged, laughed and held hands and it felt wonderful. Even more wonderful was what came next, once the doors of the garage closed behind them and they shut out the noise of the wind and rain. Now, all that was left was just them.

“You have such a beautiful smile.” Alain stared intently into her smiling face. “The first time I saw you, I thought of only one thing that could enhance it.”

“What?” Maya couldn’t help but giggle, caught up in the euphoria that had no indication of ever simmering down for now.

“The fact that your smile would look even more beautiful beneath the moonlight. You, laying down on my silk sheets and your eyes on mine as I make love to you.”

Maya nibbled on her bottom lip, wanting to make a joke about Alain being corny, and the fact he didn’t have silk sheets, did he? But instead, she felt the ache in her core spread wider and moister. This infatuation of hers was going to get her in trouble, she knew it but she couldn’t run away now.

Never would Maya have thought all his sweet talking and seemingly sincere warmth was all a fa?ade. A major part of her had guessed Alain had secrets, but she’d never dreamed that it could prove bigger than the both of them. Yet that night, she could swear that their passion rang true. And when Alain started kissing down on her neck and picked her body up to straddle his waist while he moved them to the lone couch, Maya’s giggles turned to moans as she felt Alain’s hardness press against her heated center.

Finally, Alain would make her his for the night. They both wanted it more than anything, and it showed in the way they undressed each other, peeling off the damp clothes. He told her she was beautiful, and she gasped in awe when she saw him naked. He had a gorgeous light tan that looked exotic next to her creamy brown skin. He touched and kissed her all over, never missing an inch of flesh. He got on top of her and trailed kisses down her body and came back up. Then he spread her legs and slipped his finger inside her.

He massaged her tightness within and Maya began to moan and move with his hand.

“Open your legs wider. Damn. You’re tight and hot, aren’t you?”

Maya spread wider and pulled him on top of her. “I want you inside me.” She looked into his eyes not bothering to hide her desire. She was so ready for him. To her joy he wasted no time and thrust his thick length inside her. Maya screamed in pleasure.

Alain stopped moving and Maya could see the muscle ticking in his neck. “You feel like it’s your first time,” he rasped, biting off a curse in French, which made Maya smile.

“It’s been a while for me,” Maya confessed. “Just please don’t stop. I know the discomfort will pass. Take me, Alain.”